Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching up to March...

Well the rest of February had Sam in Japan for work at a conference.
While there he learned how to make soba noodles, sushi, and went to a fish market.
I on the other hand got to go to the great city of St. Louis for work.
I also enjoyed "meat night" for 5280 week at Texas de Brazil with my uncle, brother and some of his college friends. They definitely got their money's worth of meat! My brother at one point said to me "I never thought I'd have to say no to steak!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jen and Travis Visit

For some reason I have NO pics of my own from Jen and Travis visiting us!! :( So I stole a couple of Jen's pics and figured I'd post them here. They came out over Valentine's Day weekend. We had a lot of fun hanging out, playing games, they went skiing with Sam. As always a visit from Jen is FUN, and this time Sam finally got to meet Travis.
no skiing for me :(
Playing Ticket to Ride...our new favorite game

Monday, February 16, 2009

Girl's Night Out

We had a fun girl's night out with happy hour at Bar Louie and then seeing
It was much better than we thought it was going to be. Parts were PAINFUL but it was really funny too!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let's Welcome the little Juan!!

Our friends Bri and Joel are expecting their first little one on March 27th. They chose not to find out what they are having but have called the baby Juan Pedro (not even sure why?!) during the pregnancy. We decided to run with it and had a quesadilla/margarita baby shower.
It was a fun team effort (well from the girls at least) here is Megan, me, Helen and Catherine getting ready.
Helen, Clare and Bri (mom and dad got the special sombreros!)
Sam and Catherine mixing round 2 of margaritas
And the games began! Our first game was chugging beer from baby bottles. Luckily we had learned from Brittni's shower that we needed to make a few modifications to the bottle nipples so that the beer could actually come out of the bottles. My favorite pic of the whole game is the one above of Brittni chugging the beer while nursing Griffin! This picture is one to save for when he is a little older!
It came down to the final 3 of Sam, Dana, and Josh. When the music stopped they all had to grab their bottles and...
chug and...
Dana was the big winner!
Then outside we went for the pinata...we decided it would be best to let the mom to be go at it! You can see Joel laughing so hard in the far left as Bri swings away. She finally smacked it and it went everywhere.
And Ben DOVE to get the candy!
Helen displaying her stash.
Griffin and me (he was one happy camper after nursing!)
In the pinata there were some bouncy balls...we lost the guys for the rest of the shower to this game they created to play in our front yard. As you can see from the photos they were VERY serious about it. The best part being that there was an open house going on in one of the other places in the courtyard area!

All they talk about now is when they'll get to play again.

Well at least as I write this blog a few months late baby Cornell isn't here yet (so I am not THAT far behind) but I will probably have an update very soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Congrats & Good Luck Lin!!!

We threw a congrats (on finishing your GED) and good luck (on your move to TX) party for my sister Lindsey at the end of January.

Her pup Dank is a BIG help when it comes to the vacuum
a REALLY big help!

I made her cake...this is the before...

and after! I made it to look like Dank.

Here he is checking out the cake.
mom and Lin
Scott, Lindsey and the Reichert family (long time friends)
Uncle David and cousin Landon playing with David's I-phone. David had had quite an adventure driving up to Loveland thanks to Sam. Sam (while I was away for the weekend scrapbooking and preparing for Lin's party) decided he would clear out some food from our fridge/freezer. Let's just say he cleared out some stuff he should NOT have and started to feel REALLY sick as soon as he was in the car with David. He eventually had to have David pull over on the way up to Loveland and by that time his arms and legs were starting to feel numb. So he and David are now convinced he has salmonella from the peanut butter pretzels he ate. They rush him to urget care on the way into Loveland where I meet them. When I go back to the room where Sam is being "treated" he is breathing into a paper bag. Come to find out while trying not to puke in David's car he had hyperventilated!! He will NEVER live this one down!! Poor guy was quite the trooper though, he came back to the house and hung out on the couch at the party for quite a while before curling up in bed to sleep for a few hours before we headed back to Denver.
Sam and I decided a car care package would be a good idea for the LONG road trip Lin and Jennifer had coming up. I was actually told by a man in the grocery store when buying all of the snack/junk food that if I ate all that (the stuff in my basket) I would get fat!! I told him "it's is for my sister, guess she'll be fat." I mean seriously?! Who says that!!??
This is Lin and her friend Jennifer who she moved to Texas with. We sure miss her around here but are so glad she is off on her own adventure!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Inauguration Day

Sadly, as you may have read in an earlier blog, one of the first things I had to do when I found out I was pregnant was back out of this trip of a lifetime. I was SOOOOO tired all of the time that I just wouldn't have made it through the craziness, but that reasoning didn't make the day NOT there any easier!

I went to my friend Kathy's house for an Inauguration brunch to watch the events while they were actually happening. It was fun to see with Kathy as she was one person that did a TON with our team here in Stapleton during the election period. She went all out...she even had a dog treat for her dog that was a bye bye bush bone! It was pretty emotional and SOOO amazing to see this day FINALLY come!
That night we went to celebrate at a fun restaurant close to here with all of the people from both the Park Hill and Stapleton teams. It was really fun to get everyone back together as I hadn't seen many of them since those last few crazy days in November.
(best picture of the day!!!)
And finally...the swearing in and speech of our NEW President!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Troge as a gummy bear

On January 13th we went for our first ultrasound at our new doctor's office. This time if you look REAL closely you can actually see a little person instead of just a black dot. However my uncle says it looks like a little gummy bear...which it really does!!
10 weeks

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Julie's Shower

In January I went to a shower for my friend Julie. I have been friends with Julie and her husband Chris since we met in our freshman dorm. It's been so fun to go through so many years and life changing events together...this being another one along the way.
Julie didn't want to do the typical baby shower so instead it was a Saturday night cocktail/appetizer party. This is Julie (baby belly covered) me, Hudson, and Brooke (Hudson's mommy)
I know Julie loves to open stuff so I wrapped EVERYTHING in the basket
Chris is a BIG hunter so the little camo outfit was a big hit.
here's the belly...sooooo cute!
AND...since I am soooooo behind on my blog I now have pics of baby girl Jungman (as she was known) as well!!
Cora Kathleen Jungman
born 2/16

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And telling friends begins!!

We went to our friends the Fudges house for New Year's Eve this year and kicked off the telling of our friends that I am pregnant. Brittni was SO excited and she said she knew and she is so bummed she didn't say anything because there is no proof she knew. :)

We kicked off the new year talking to some of our friends in South Africa (hello Carlmans!!) and they were able to celebrate again with us at midnight.
From there we just told friends and family as we saw them or talked to them.
One of the best stories of friends finding out is the story of my friend Brooke. If you remember back to the earliest people I told you will remember that my friend Brea was one of the first to know because I had to tell her I could not go to DC with her. Well Brea and my friend Brooke used to work together (which is how I met Brea in the first place) but also means they have some mutual friends. It just so happens that Brea went out for happy hour with this friend on a Thursday night after not seeing her for a few months. They talk about her upcoming trip to DC, etc. Brea mentions that it is now just her and Joy going since I couldn't go. Well Brooke then just happens to go to lunch with this same friend the very next day after also not seeing her for a few months and the friend happens to mention Brea's friend that is pregnant that lives in the area. She didn't say names but the wheels were turning for Brooke. So Brooke calls me after her lunch and says hey can you run a quick errand with me. We had planned to do lunch on Monday, when I was going to tell her, but I decided to go run the errand with her on my lunch hour. So I get in her car and she says, "hey...I heard this rumor that one of Brea's friends over in this area is pregnant..." and just leaves it hanging. So I said, "that would be me..." Brooke was SO excited because she has a little guy and now we can do mom stuff together. Anyway we gave Brea a hard time for spilling the beans but it is such a funny story...what are the odds?!

Monday, February 9, 2009


We headed up to Loveland on Christmas Eve to go to the Christmas Eve service and watch the dude (my brother, we've called him "the dude" for years) he is rocking out

and a video of their opening song

then back to the house for the first of what would be MANY games of Ticket to Ride

Then Christmas morning...which as you'll see in this photo and the next few is really a time to harass the dogs!

David forgot Jack's fancy collar so we made him a fancy coat instead. Meet Jack...Jack Russell :)

and Dank getting into the festivities

In our family we draw names and buy just one gift for whoever we draw. My dad had me this year and wrapped up this map which sent me downstairs to...

THIS map!! They have a map of the US that we grew up putting pins in for all of the places we went and I had always said I wanted one like it of the is hard to see but Sam and I have already been busy putting pins in our new map!

Time for Christmas dinner (we thought this ham looked like it had a face)

A full house as usual! My uncle Jim, aunt Tammy, sister Kate, cousins Tara and Greg, sister Lindsey, her friend Jennifer, friend Melissa, brother Scott, cousin Landon, uncle David, me, and Sam...NO idea where mom and dad were for this photo!

not sure why anyone thinks we look alike!? :)the first of our baby gifts...some Seuss books from Jim and Tammy