Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Adventures

My friend Brooke and I laugh at the extremes of our past start it off we went skydiving to celebrate her 30th birthday. We attempted last Saturday but it was too windy so Friday morning we went for round 2:

In the plane with my buddy Nate

Brooke on the way down!
A note to her hubby
post jump...a little windblown
me too!
our standard back to back photos

And like I mentioned we had two extremes...following the skydiving we headed to Estes Park for a scrapbook retreat! It was a great time and we got lots done. My mom, sister, and aunt as well as some other friends were there as well.

My sister Kate and her first scrapbooking experience

Brooke and I with the cart...this is ALL my stuff!

My mom battling the paper cutter

My aunt Tammy who organized the weekend

And our amazing view!



There are so many great pics from this final game that I don't even know where to start!
Sam and our friend Dan and I watched the final game at one of the Denver Red Sox bars.
This is probably after inning 5 or so...
And...after the game (Dan using Ellsbury's sign...)
Wooo...hooo...the place was going nuts playing "Dirty Water" and "Tessie" over and over!
Our Red Sox bar

And now for a few of my favorite pics of the team:

Big Papi
Time to celebrate!
MVP- Mike Lowell
I LOVE this picture! Papelbon after his final strikeout!Our Rookies definitely ROCKED!!
And of my favorite...JASON VARITEK...aka- TEK

RBI- single hanging out on base
tucking away the game ball
celebrating with Papelbon
more celebrating!!!

And a few videos/articles for those of you that like to kill some time!

Taco Time!!

It's tough being a rookie!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

World Series Game 3


Thursday, October 25, 2007

World Series Game 2


Series tally (so far):

Rockies- 11 pitchers 346 pitches...Red Sox- 6 pitchers 245 pitches

Rockies- runs 2...Red Sox- runs 15

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sox to take on the Rocks!!!

Our beloved Red Sox have once again defeated the odds and come back to beat the Indians and head to the World Series...and oddly enough they will be facing the Colorado Rockies and playing right here in Colorado! With the chances of getting tickets being pretty slim we are prepared to watch the Sox among many cheering on the Rockies while we proudly cheer on our guys! :)

BIG PAPI getting dumped on by PAP!

Bullpen Pirates
Millar Motivation

First Snow...

After a gorgeous day yesterday...temps in the 80s... this is what we woke up to this morning! Our first snow. I do remember being very excited for the first snow last year after having lived in LA with no snow for a few years. However I also remember being not so excited about a month into the snowy weather as we got DUMPED on over and over last year. Let's hope this year's snow is nothing like last year! The best news about the season has arrived!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Denver Marathon 2007

To say we had less than ideal conditions would be an understatement. Take a high of 38 degrees, add in non-stop rain and some wind and you have marathon day 2007. Blah! However I would gladly take this weather over what those poor folks in Chicago had to deal with the weekend before! Speaking of Chicago due to the weather there I lucked out and picked up a running partner for this marathon. Ashley, who you'll see in all running shots with me ran the Chicago marathon only to get to mile 20 and be told she had to walk the rest. Since Denver let all Chicago runners in free she decided she wanted to truly finish a race and ran with me...yay!
Here we are around mile 2 and believe it or not we are already down a layer from what we started with...just picture us with ponchos on top of this attire as well.
By mile 4 we were ready to shed another layer and passed off the jackets to our cheering crew.
As you can see it was a rough day for spectators as well (wind, rain, cold) not fun for anyone so we really appreciated all those that came out to cheer us on. Brooke and Brea attempted to stay dry under the umbrella...which worked until each time we came by and Brooke would jump up and down and cheer and knock the water off the umbrella onto Brea!
The LONGEST stretch of the race I thought was way out on 7th and back on the same road!
We ran through City Park, Cheesman Park, and Wash Park during the race.

Yay we made it through the horrible last stretch of rain and wind coming right at us and are ready for some food!

Me and my uncle David who we lost from the start...we're trying to warm up!

My "crazy sweater guy" as those along the course running near me called Sam. He ran next to us each time he saw us yelling and ringing his cowbell. After a while people started to recognize him! It was very funny! He would like me to sign up for my next race soon because he has "all kinds of ideas" for it! I believe he was as sore as I was for the few days following the race...he put in some miles as well.
Dan, Sam, and me after the race...Dan along for marathon #2 to cheer once again!
Mom, me, and Kate...missing dad from the pic, they were all out getting soaked and cheering for us too.
Finally...the war wounds...
It is hard to get a photo to focus on your foot...but I have one MASSIVE blister on my 3rd toe! However after a race in the rain I am surprised I don't have ones that large on every toe.
And again...hard to show but my necklace must have rubbed against my neck the entire race as I have a few spots that were rubbed raw and have now opened and started bleeding as well.
But...with conditions as bad as they were I am so thankful for completing the race and having only two minor "injuries" to show for it. I am still hobbling up and down the stairs, but my legs are finally starting to function normally again.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Friends for Youth, my mentoring program, went to a corn maze on Saturday. Amazingly I had never done one and it was really cool. The maze was in the shape of a giant race car which you could see from the aerial photos they had hanging up.

Me, Kala, Ashley, Julie
The entrance to the maze
There were signs through the whole maze that you had to find a punch off your was pretty funny how we thought we knew where we were then we'd find a sign and realize we were on the complete opposite side of the maze! The corn was so high we couldn't see anything.