Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Remembering Bridget Slotemaker
Many of you know about our friend Bridget and her struggle with cancer and the birth of their amazing baby girl...I am sad to say that Bridget passed away last night. I don't think anyone can put it more eloquently than Bridget's husband Steve (see below) please keep him, Gracie and Chloe in your thoughts and prayers as this will be a very difficult time for all of them.
From Steve:

Do not fear, for I am with you. -- Isaiah 41:10.
Today we were informed by doctors that Bridget had an infection in her
port, an enlarged right half of her heart, decreased kidney function, and decreased liver function. The next step would be to take out her port and fight the infection with antibiotics. The ICU doctors requested that the surgical oncologist remove the port. This surgical oncologist is the same doctor who fixed Bridget's hernia a little over a year ago and also who removed her gall bladder and informed us of Bridget's stage IV cancer. Bridget adores the surgical oncologist. The surgical oncologist took a while to arrive at the hospital. When she did, and after she reviewed Bridget's most recent CT Scans, she asked that family be gathered.
The bottom line was that removing the port would be fruitless, in the doctor's opinion. The status of Bridget's cancer had worsened over the past couple of weeks. The cancer in her liver and lungs had not abated with the medication. Since delivering Chloe, Bridget's cancer has been on a rampage. Bridget's life, in the doctor's opinion, was being supported by medical intervention alone. Bridget was clear with the family prior to her being diagnosed, and continuing through her struggles with cancer, that she did not want her life maintained in the state that she was in. Bridget was eager for the spoils of Heaven and fought the cancer willingly out of her love for Grace, Chloe, and the rest of her family. As a result of the inevitable course, my love for my wife, her desire to be with her Savior, and her desire to die a death without pain or protraction, the choice was made to terminate all medical intervention. Within a couple of hours Heaven had another angel.
Bridget died at 10:30 PM on August 12th, 2008.
We are so thankful that God placed her in our lives. Bridget is the most beautiful person I have ever known and I, Grace, and Chloe will forever long her presence.
Steve, Grace, and Chloe