Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Ghost

I couldn't pass up this little shirt from the dollar bin at Cohen got to dress up for a few days Halloween week.

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Favorite Photo

Well if anyone had any doubt that my two boys look alike just take a look at this photo! I snapped this picture the other day and LOVE it!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

LOTS of snow!!!

Tuesday night around 8:30 the snow started coming came down all day Wednesday and into Thursday.
This is what our deck looked like Thursday morning.
These pics were sent to my coworker Mandy in LA who was complaining about her cold hands.
Luckily Wednesday is my day off so Cohen and I were able to stay inside and keep warm, but there are no snowdays when you work from home and work for a company based out of California so we trudged over to daycare on Thursday morning then Sam picked him up and brought him home in the afternoon...he was SO cute all bundled up in his car seat.
I wanted to bundle him up and take him out in the snow for some pictures...Sam did not really like that I plopped him down in front of the snow in his seat and took some pics...his first big snowstorm! (living in Colorado he is bound to see many more in his lifetime!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Look at Cohen's face...he is SHOCKED that mommy dressed him in this outfit! :) Our neighbors bought Cohen this Rockies outfit hoping that they could work on the next generation seeing as we were a lost cause. We will allow it as they are not in the same conference, it is not the Yankees, and the chance of them actually meeting up post season again anytime soon is slim to yes can wear it...just don't tell any of our friends in Boston!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We captured a few fun Cohen videos this past week...

this poor little guy gets the hiccups all of the time!

his little sneezes are so cute...have to watch until the end of the video

and my new favorite are his super cute little noises talking back to us!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wiggle Worm...

Auntie Kate gave Cohen this cute little onesie...and he sure is a wiggle worm now!!
smiley! (my favorite!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Friend Paully

Our friend Paul...or as we call him Paully...sent Cohen a gift from Scotland.
When we were in Scotland a few years ago I would make Sam and Paul stop all of the time to take pictures of the Highland Cows because I thought they were so cute.
So naturally Paully found a stuffed one for Cohen, which we have named Paully due to the crazy amounts of red hair they each have (see above pic for proof).

Cohen LOVES Paully!! He grips on to the horns and the shaggy hair and will NOT let go! We find little red hairs stuck to his hands for hours afterward.

This is how he was introduced to Cohen by Paul "Dear Cohen, Welcome to the world! Mostly it's a good place, and you'll have a great mom and dad to look after you, but already you'll know what it is like for the Red Sox to let you down. Get used to it. Enclosed is a cow. It's hairier than your average cow and you will probably have to visit Scotland to see a real one. You may not have heard of Scotland yet. It's a bit like America but smaller and better. Scottish people are famous for drinking, fighting, having red hair and inventing things. Mostly we invent things to help us to drink and fight people who don't have red hair better..."
Don't worry little and dad will introduce you to Scotland!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Other Boston happenings...

Cohen is such a mellow little guy...he likes to just hang out when he's awake.
here he is hanging in the hotel while we pack up
too cute to not take pics of
after about the 20th picture he just stares
While we were there it snowed...these were the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen...but I don't think the picture does them justice!
Cohen sleeping in the hotel is the same as at home...SO proud of his little hand he got out of his swaddle!
Milk bubbles have started appearing quite frequently now, the funny thing is they are HOURS after he has eaten, usually right before he is ready to eat again.
We didn't get to see much of the city this time, but we took the little guy to our favorite breakfast place.
The Paramount Cafe...which I am sure he will enjoy much more once he can actually eat the food there!
We know he'll grow to love this city like we do! Can't wait for a longer stay in Boston next time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Joelle's Bat Mitzvah

Be prepared for a long blog post...too many fun pics to pass up.
As I mentioned on the plane flight post we made a quick trip to Boston this past weekend to celebrate with the, not so little anymore, girl I used to nanny for. With my own kid now going to a nanny all I can hope is that she will grow to love him as much as I love these kiddos I used to nanny for! Joelle sure has grown up from this little girl I started watching years ago...

to such a beautiful and thoughtful young woman...which was the point of the day. Her Bat Mitzvah celebration was an all day affair starting with service at their Temple. We were so proud of Joelle! There was a portion where they had to take a piece of the Torah and relate it to their own lives, Joelle's speech was so well thought out and grown up (and I might add was so much better than the other girl's).
Following the ceremony we headed over to a luncheon where Joelle met Cohen. He was all smiles for her it was adorable.
the centerpieces were gorgeous
Joelle, opening our gift, a box of Lucky Charms full of gold dollar coins.
Joelle and the ex-nannies (Kelly, me, Jill, Erika)
Then the PARTY begins!!!!
the theme of the night was Junglelicious
I LOVED the centerpieces and want to figure out how to make them!
the whole ceiling was covered in balloons
the candy bar
temporary tattoos
another centerpiece
and the cake
we made neon shirts with pics of Joelle on them to wear
and there was dancing...
lots of dancing! Meanwhile...
Cohen slept!! We have no idea how he slept through the music but he was sound asleep!
we love a good chance to dress up!
Sara, Joelle's mom, and Cohen (we are pretty sure Sara slept for a week following this party!!)
Jeff, Joelle's dad, and Cohen
Sam and Jill...why not?!
a family photo
or two...
Jill and Cohen
Kelly and Cohenall of the nannies and Joelle
and Harry, Joelle's brother, who as Jeff said in his toast "went into low maintenance mode during Joelle's Bat Mitzvah season!" haaaaa...I love this kid!
What a great day/night...we are so proud of you Joelle and so excited to continue to watch you grow...thanks for inviting us!!