Saturday, December 31, 2011

Grace is ONE and New Year's Eve

To end the year 2011 we celebrated a birthday...
of this cute little one year old- Grace
a little birthday party
some cake

some frosting

Cohen has a dot of frosting on his tongue, as much as he would steps
there was some bouncing
will ALL friends!

then we move on to phase 2 of the year's eve...which means SLEEPOVER!
so we got the boys jammied up
Cohen and Eli in matching ones!
let's note in this picture that Eli is not even ONE yet!
and of course lined them up for a photo
then had some more snacks
the first prego one to hit the door...
followed by the 2nd
the girls
amazing pictures of Bri will NEVER not be funny to me!
almost midnight...
a few fun beverages to toast with
welcome 2012
and the one little munchkin that rocked until about 2am!
Which was longer than his mom made it. (hands down my favorite photo of the night)

This night also marks the 10 year anniversay of my BFF Jill and I hanging out and getting ready for the good old Resolution Ball in Copley Square in Boston.
While I wish I had a photo of that actual event loaded on my computer...these will have to do.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Big Boy Bed!!!

We told Cohen he could have a big boy bed once he started going potty in the potty...and here he is in his BIG BOY BED!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wisconsin Christmas

Christmas Day we boarded the plan bright and early to head to Wisconsin
 Cohen was very excited to get to be traveling on the plane this time
 Cohen and great grandpa Drews
 The Malones: Adam, Wendy, Mike
 the siblings: Arlyss, Wendy, Rol, Darby and grandma and grandpa Drews
 The Drews crew: Colleen, Rol, Tanya, Matt, Kelly and grandma and grandpa
 father and son
 The Micheel crew: Sarah and David with Ruben, JD, Lena, Jee, Hyunjae and Lucy
 The immediate family with our soon to be sister-in-law Michelle!!!
 the ENTIRE family, so fun!

 getting dad
 dad getting Cohen
 Joel and Michelle, we are SOOOO excited for the engagement news!
 our little family
 the traditional fire pit night, Cohen enjoying a hot dog

 some fireworks from grandpa

 The boys...minus David
 hugs for grandpa
 Lucy in her cute new hat
 time for chase with uncle Joel and Sam
 uncle Joel is so silly
 Sam (daddy) is so fast!
 Cohen did his best to keep up with the older boys
 JD did such a nice job of watching after Cohen and listening for trains with him
 uncle Joel hiding under a pool!
 they caught him
 oldest cousin, JD
 The Troge kids and others David, Sarah, Sam, me, Michelle, Joel
uncle Joel reading with Cohen...
 he's a little bigger than last time!
 before we left Cohen got to make some fancy cookies with grandma Troge

 proud of their work