Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We hosted a Halloween party again this year and had fun making our costumes:
What came first...our little chick
our little chick IN the egg
This year we had a new little addition to the festivities...little Zoe in her pea pod costume reminds me so much of Cohen last year in his little corn just sitting there...
speaking of last year here are the boys
and here is the crew this year
they were actually amazingly good for pictures!
Cohen is pointing something out to friends...
closest one to them all looking in the same direction...just not at my camera!!
Fudges: came as the Glee crew little Sue Sylvester, Puck and Quinn...Fudge was even playing Glee music from his Ipod in his pocket
Hollanders: Josh as a nerd complete with a floppy disc, little pea Zoe, and shot missed the amazing socks that Crystal had on!
Cornells: Bri had a box over the baby belly and Joel is obviously a UPS employee and then their little lion Isaac (thus Bri roaring to Isaac)
another cute one
Catherine: Peggy from Mad Men...complete with a bag of Gin and Tonics
Dan: flying solo
as Clark Kent
Whitlocks: with their little hammer and nail (made completely out of duct tape!)
Jared: a pegasus...hard to see the wings in the picture
Sparrow: Rose from the Titanic (check out the necklace!!!)
then we were off for some trick or is Cohen at his first house
it takes a while to get up there
but when you do they give you things!! (granted you have no idea what that stuff is they are giving you but it comes in crunchy packages that are fun)
so you go along and collect some more with friends
the crew making the rounds
the stragglers
all 3 of the boys collecting some candy
Cohen with a tight grip on his candy (notice we are done with the chick feet)
Griffin loved when Brittni and Josh would swing him along
the leaves are fun because they are so crunchy...just like at the park yesterday
but even better when friends crunch with you
little Calvin trucked right along with all of the boys
me and my little chick...what a fun Halloween!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

BOO at the ZOO

Grandma and Grandpa came down for Halloween so we took advantage of the GORGEOUS fall day and went to the Boo at the Zoo.
Cohen making funny faces back at us
he was being so goofy in his stroller
you can see a few little teeth in this shot
then grandpa was a sucker and took him out (he did not go back in his stroller for the rest of the day) they were checking out the lions and roaring making everyone around them laugh
an attempt to take a photo...but mom can't compete with r2d2 who was off to the side making all kinds of noise
grandma and grandpa faired a little better
this way!
pointing out the elephants
elephants! (this one is mimi)
he loves his grandpa!
during the boo at the zoo different booths give out candy...Cohen collected quite a pile for Auntie Lin...he just thought it was funny to get stuff handed to him but had no idea what it was!
the covered wagon was lots of fun to run back and forth in
then we rode the carousel with auntie Lin
the first time he noticed grandma and grandpa on the side
Cohen making his monkey sounds and excited because...
the monkey was hanging RIGHT in front of us.
then the polar bear walked RIGHT in front of us
Cohen was so excited he was shaking!
he LOVES the polar bear
when we left the zoo there were a ton of leaves in the grass which were fun to crunch through
and to throw
then he suckered grandma and grandpa into the playground for a few more minutes...he slept VERY well that night!