Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome baby Grace!!

Grace Madison Fudge
born December 30th 2010
5lbs 12oz****18 3/4 inches

Cohen, Brooke and I went to meet Grace on New Year's Eve...Sam had to stay home because he had the flu and could barely move, let alone be near a newborn!
Cohen meeting baby Grace...the newest friend! Zoe (the next oldest is already 5 months old!!)
Brittni and Grace
and the proud parents!
Welcome Grace, we are so excited to watch you grow!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Colorado!

Well...just like Christmas last year this will be one LONG post!!
We were able to go up to Loveland early this year so Cohen helped grandma and grandpa work
then he offered his help to uncle Scott as well
and then decided to make a few changes on his own
uncle David joined us and he brought some cuties so he got my little cutie plopped in his lap because he wanted to share
he loved them!
the tree
Sam and David decided they were going to create their own Tom and Jerry's mix (since we were not in Wisconsin to buy any) this was step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5
the end
i found these little antlers in the dollar bin at target
Cohen loved them
especially putting them on someone else
including Jack
Uncle Scott has a little side biz where he makes shoes for people...this is a pair he worked on while we were there. The girl they were for loves the mountains and the'll see...
mountain shoe
mountain shoe
mountain shoe
ocean shoe
ocean shoe
ocean shoe...pretty amazing!!
family Christmas Eve shot
then Cohen saw grandpa
then it was time for a photoshoot of our little one in his cute little tie!
he snuck away with auntie Lin's Wii remote
checking out the lights out front
following Russell tradition we made a mexican food feast Christmas Eve...Lin was really into it (see the flour on her face)
Lin and David with their sopapilla stash...they were TASTY!!
Cohen tasting some with grandpa
Auntie Kate was lucky enough to have to dress as an elf at work so we had to document!
Christmas Day!
Cohen in his Christmas sweater
we do stockings first and we go youngest to oldest so Cohen got to go first this year...grandma got him a brand new stocking
a little scared of just reaching in he peeked in and found...
a light up snow man!
which he would have been happy playing with for hours
he walked around showing it to everyone
next he got a stuffed little dog ornament that he hugged
then some cheese puffs that he ran to grandpa with and frantically signed help for
then stuffed them in
and grabbed some more
then he came back to check out his stocking
and found some little cars!!!
which he lined up on the table
next youngest was uncle Scott who got a date book so he would not forget any dates he had lined up (which he did actually do!!) oh ladies watch out!!
he got some jeans, itunes, redbox and a pile of candy...with some toothpaste! haaaaaaaa santa sure is funny!
next youngest is auntie Lin who got some texting gloves, other stuff and...
a pile of candy and toothpaste!
then came auntie Kate
who Dank really wanted to help out
next was Sam...Cohen was his big helper in unloading his stocking
then finally mommy
who got some chapstick that needed to be tried
or at least attempted to be eaten!
uncle David and Jack taking in the action
we took a break and went on a walk to check out the tractors
Cohen was in heaven!
he got to drive a few of them
you can see how excited he is in the video
then back to presents
Cohen was a big helper with shredding the paper
and unloading!
he got a monkey from auntie Kate
that he gave HUGE hugs to!!
Bianca taking a nap
Cohen was a little tired...he layed down on the paper for some rest
here is Cohen opening a gift from grandma and grandpa Troge
checking it out
and SO excited it makes noise!!
we did more gifts when auntie Allyson arrived
uncle Scott and untie Lin just hanging out
then it was time for Christmas dinner
fancy table set and ready to go

Cohen was hungry after a LONG day!
Kim and Jim
Lauren, Lin and Kevin (who looks like he has quite the hairdo thanks to marryanne behind him)
mom and allyson
Jim (with a normal smile!!) and Tammy
Kate and Scott
Scott and his friend Ben
Sam and Cohen
and finally dad and me (poor David was downstairs sleeping because he was sick!)
Cohen got a new guitar from Jim and Tammy and was rocking out
and a cute little puppy from aunt Allyson
that he hugged and hugged
Jack got his very own chicken
that he would NOT let go of!
Dank was worn out
Tara and Greg were able to come over after a visit with their dad so we truly had EVERYONE there this year!!

before we left to drive back to Denver we went for a walk with Cohen he loved going over and back on this bridge until he realized he could see down through the slats...then this is what he did :)