Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Supper Club Thanksgiving Dinner

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with our "supper club"
I believe this picture captures the night as Sam ate WAY too much food and fell asleep then felt sick for hours afterward...something new for him!
Josh, Ben, and Josh
Brittni and Bri
Crystal and Megan
Helen and Josh
and yes...the SWEET pic of Catherine and me...not sure what happened!

Nuggets Game

We hurried home from skiing to take Kala to a Nuggets game. It was fun because she is a HUGE Nuggets fan so she was cheering the whole night!
Ashley and Kala

Kala and Me
Nuggets KILLED the Knicks

Let the Skiing Begin!

Our first ski day at Breckenridge! Since it is early season they didn't have much open, but it was fun to get some runs in and get back into it!
We ended up meeting up with our friend Dan and his friend Dawn a little into the day which made for a fun day out.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Birthday Celebration Weekend!

We celebrated Sam's 29th birthday this past weekend up at our ski condo. We rented a place with a bunch of friends for the season and decided to go up and check it out. Other than not being able to make the dinner I had planned for him since the stove wasn't working (minor detail) it was fun.

Then...we came down from the mountains to celebrate Brooke's 30th birthday. We went out for a fun dinner and a little bowling.
Brooke with her cake that Jim (her hubby) made for her.

Me and the birthday girl
Brooke and Brea (who staged a MAJOR comeback in bowling round 2!!)
Brooke and JimSam and Jim...these two just crack each other up every time they are together

Friday, November 9, 2007

The WINDY city!!

After our weekend in Wisconsin we headed down to Chicago for Sam's conference but had the first afternoon to walk around.
This church was right across from where we were staying and was AMAZING!
Sam by the river...crazy how green it stays even this late in the year! (They dye it for St. Patty's Day)
Navy Pier from afar
And the start of our visit to Navy Pier because you have to when in Chicago! However this time we learned that Navy Pier used to be a school after it belonged to the Navy, then was turned over to the city...fun new facts.
not shadows this time...but the fun mirrors
lighthouse off of the pier
you can see how windy it is by the waves in the water! shore view of Chicago
City view
Sam loves that his hair can now blow in the wind! :)
On Navy Pier they have a really cool stained glass exhibit that we hadn't seen before.

We sure love this city but are not sure we could get past the wind/cold/humidity to live there full time.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our First Fishboil

Oh how to explain a fishboil??!!!
I'll leave it to a travel guide:
Door County Fish Boil A Fiery, Flavorful Favorite

What is it about the Door County Fish Boil that makes food writers, travel columnists, visitors, and locals sing its praises?

Maybe it's the main ingredient - steaks of mild, delicate whitefish fresh from the local waters of Lake Michigan. Perhaps it's the fiery spectacle of the "boil over" that signals it's time to eat. Most assuredly the savory combination of ingredients that fill the boiling kettle plays a strong role.
One fact everyone seems to agree on - the end result is delicious.
What began as an economical way to feed large, hungry groups of lumberjacks and fishermen has become an integral part of the Door County experience.
It all starts with a hot wood fire under a kettle of salted water. When the temperature is just right, the boil master adds to the kettle a porous steel basket filled with small potatoes and onions. A few minutes later, another basket with the fresh whitefish steaks is added and the water is brought back to a rolling boil.
At just the right moment, a dose of kerosene is tossed onto the fire, causing it to blaze well over the top of the kettle - to the accompaniment of clicking cameras. The superheated fire causes the water to boil over the kettle's sides, dousing the flames while carrying off the fish oil that has collected on the surface.
With the use of a metal pole, the baskets are lifted from the kettle, drained, and then served up with a generous drizzling of butter. Even people who say they don't like fish have been known to change their minds.
Second servings are expected, so don't be shy. But save a little room for the traditional dessert. You guessed it - Door County cherry pie.
You'll find the authentic Door County Fish Boil served at restaurants throughout the county, but you won't find the real thing anyplace else.

here we are on Lake Michigan waiting for the fish boil
the boiling food
and the boil over where they toss a container of kerosene on the fire!
here's our plate
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMpbRSzB2yE (fish boil video/info)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZoYPlZcg3c (this is the actual place we were at...just during the winter instead)

Wisconsin Weekend!

Sam had a conference in Chicago early this week so we decided to extend the trip for a quick trip up to Wisconsin to enjoy the fall weekend. I haven't really seen much of Wisconsin as each trip back has usually been for the holidays full of lots of activities, so this time mom planned a fun weekend of Wisconsin viewing for us.
Hortonville, WI (where the parents live)
This is main street...and yes this year they got their SECOND stoplight! :)

even the churches have learned to deal with the snow
In Door County...this is Green Bay behind us and on our way here we did pass through towns smaller than Hortonville! Population 250...
The "jewel of Door County" or so THEY say!
Dad and Mom Troge
shadow pics...our favorites
just thought this tree was amazing!
We went to check out grandma and grandpa's new place in Appleton then spent the afternoon relaxing watching the Packers and enjoying the backyard. This is the amazing treehouse that dad has built for the grandkids!

Grandma and Grandpa Drews

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

October means pumpkin carving time! Our "supper club" got together to carve pumpkins on Tuesday night. We decided to go with a appropriate seasonal pumpkin.