Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yesterday was a VERY exciting day here in Denver...Obama came to speak!!
I was able to volunteer for the event as a precinct captain which means we also got the prime seats RIGHT behind the stage.

Ashley and me from our seats behind the stage!
Gary Hart...who is coming to my precinct's party Thursday 1/31
Caroline Kennedy coming up to speak...she was the "surprise guest" and it was sure a surprise! She is so eloquent and has done so much for education it is amazing!
Caroline speaking...

Obama greeting the crowd (all 19,000 of them! inside and outside)

He then came in and talked to our precinct captains during our meeting we were having. It is so exciting to have a person running for president like him!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Harry's TV debut!!

The little guy (well not so little anymore!!) I used to nanny for was on the Today show this morning so I thought I would pass along his fame! He is the first one talking to the camera...sooooooo cute!!

me and the "little man" this summer

One of these things is not like the other...

Happy Belated MLK Day!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA

We traveled to Pittsburgh for our friend (and old roommate) Kelly's wedding but also had some time to explore all Pittsburgh had to offer.

Upon arrival we were greeted at our gate by friends Jill and Sam who had just landed from Boston. We checked into our luxurious hotel (see pics later in blog) and headed out for some food.

Entering Pitt...yes there really is steel EVERYWHERE!

We hit up Max and Erma's for guessed it...burgers!

Then a quick change and off to Kelly's wedding we went. The place was still all decorated for Christmas so it was really pretty inside.

walking down the isle...she was BEAUTIFUL!

her mother giving her away

Mr. & Mrs. JACKSON!

the reception begins with a bang!

The Boston Crew...Sam, Jill, Kelly, Laurie, Sam

Since we had all lived in the Purple Palace (see pic below) at one point we came up with our best replica to put her gifts in...

and maybe a few bonus gifts...who doesn't want lots of pictures of STING?! We are obsessed with Sting and have been for some time as he has made his way into a few weddings, some birthdays, and many many times into daily life! He is EVERYWHERE!

the REAL purple palace!!
Jill and I deciding what items needed to be picked off for our pic...
us with said a life size PURSE!
Time to say the coat she had!
Which leaves us SATURDAY in Pittsburgh...oh what to do?!?!
We could buy some Steelers items since they were EVERYWHERE!
Even bedazzled versions!
When in Pittsburgh one must ride the Incline.
so we did
one must also admire Heinz we did
on top of the incline
it was COLD
it truly is the STEEL city
We got some lunch at the grill..
that used to be a gas station!

Then it was time to enjoy or REALLY nice rooms...BLAH! The beds were horrible. One seemed like it was missing a leg it wobbled so much and the other had permanent indents!
then the nice view out of our balcony of the spit/cigarette jar
and the rusty tissue dispenser RIGHT next to the toilet...lovely!!
It was so great to get to see Kelly on her big day and to spend time with Jill and Sam!

Night out with Kala

Kala and I went out for a night on the town...starting with a Nuggets game vs. the San Antonio Spurs

Kala in her new jersey she got for Christmas go AI!!

We're pretty sure this lady forgot her pants!!
And for those of you that don't live in Denver...or those that do and haven't had the time to truly appreciate the decorations on the Statehouse this one is worth the enlarged image...I KNOW can you believe it!!! T*A*C*K*Y just comes into my head over and over and over again and then I laugh outloud! Our tax dollars HARD at work folks!

New Year's Eve

We weren't sure if our New Year's Eve party was going to happen due to I-70 being closed for most of the day keeping friends from driving up...BUT they hit the road as soon as it opened and were up in plenty of time to celebrate.
The Crew-
The Fudges:

Fudge (a.k.a. Josh)
The Cornells


The Orsborns



The Speights

Speights (a.k.a. Josh)




he is SAM
And the night began...

We started out with some dinner thanks to Brittni's dad the "pork specialist"

Let the games begin!


and Bri loses...
The Matchup:
Laurie & Catherine vs.

Helen and Brittni

What's at stake...

one down

and another

they got us...
we strike back



We wish you all a safe, healthy, and happy new year!!