Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Well folks it is my FINAL November post...woo week maybe it will be in December in a week...then January...February...and by then it will be April!

Anyhoo, I was able to tag along to NYC with Sam and we had a great weekend (other than me being really sick)
Kate and I had done the city years ago around Thanksgiving time, but I had never been for the full fledged Christmas tour, it was beautiful
the tree
some amazing window displays
we got to say at the Waldorf Astoria which is amazing on its own!
we met Joel and I FINALLY met Michelle for a show which happened to be on the same night of the tree lighting so that added a little extra to the cross town commute but at least we were able to then get a tree shot a few nights later
we went to a great little restaurant next to the hotel and had the BEST pretzel I have ever had and I LOVE pretzels!
we then joined Michelle and Joel and some of their friends for dinner then headed to this bar by their place that has indoor bocce courts, it was a blast
NYC at Christmastime is truly amazing, and something everyone should do at least once

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Botanic Garden

We got some free tickets to the Botanic Gardens and decided to enjoy the beautiful day
they have a great kids area
Cohen loved the digging
and running across the bridge
of course the family shadow shot
and the gardens, so pretty!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Our actual Thanksgiving up in Loveland
Cohen was the first to eat
my brother's friend Ben makes his own sodas so Sam was testing one out...Ben is happy to have people taste them
we made some fancy Thanksgiving cupcakes
which Cohen enjoyed
this is one of my new favorite photos!
the siblings...minus Kate
the day after Thanksgiving the Cornells came up to do some shopping (at Bri's request since it is her birthday afterall) so the boys got to play while we shopped, they (much like their dads) like to create games so they had this who weeble game going across the coffee table
and thought it was AMAZING! Cohen also thought it was so silly to be having friends at grandma and grandpa's house!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Supper Club Thanksgiving

Cohen and I made special turkey pops for his school Thanksgiving party and made some extras for our Thanksgiving celebration with our supper club
Cohen REALLY loved the candy corn
some meal prep with Brittni
Catherine entertaining the masses
Bri and Eli
getting the turkey platter ready
the boys at their table, they are growing up so fast!

Christmas Lights

Cohen had been having serious neighborhood light envy, so now that dad was home it was time to put up the lights!
too bad I didn't get an actual picture of the tree of lights! it was covered and very fun...maybe next year!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Welcome home daddy!

Well if my cell phone did not get taken I would have a cute little video to include here as well, but alas you only get photos.
Cohen was very excited to see daddy after his long trip
he was jumping around and dancing and saying "daddy, where are you" everyone around us was laughing it was very cute
then he found daddy and screamed then shoved his sign at him