Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

Last week we went to my uncle's new clinic and had one of their fancy 3D ultrasounds done and found out we were having a BOY! Today we went for our regular doctor appointment and it was confirmed...we are indeed having a boy. Everything looks good, we are excited for this little guy to arrive! We are still trying to figure out how to post the video taken last week, but for now here are a few ultrasound pics from today with labels. I will also try to get some prego belly shots up for those of you who do not see me regularly...the belly is definitely growing!

cool pic of the spine and ribs
the black dot on the right is the baby's stomach
I love this one...looks like the little guy is saying hi
and a great profile shot
He was VERY active during this ultrasound it was hard for her to get all of the pics she needed!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mom's an OLD lady!!

On the 12th mom turned the big 5-5!! We like to remind our parents when we can how old they are...and this birthday is a perfect opportunity! We went up to Loveland to celebrate.
Mom with the birthday dessert, Kate and Scott
and yet another classic Jim face...and Sam
The best part of the day is that mom's first senior discount was at Goodwill where we went to check on some baby stuff! They announced the discount on the PA to anyone 55 and over...Kate and I let the old lady make our purchases as well. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bri's Annual Peep Cake

For the past 6 years our friend Bri and her friend Laura have made a peep cake for Easter. This year they made the cake a wee bit early to make sure Bri could do it since she will have a new little one by then making it much more difficult. We went to celebrate with them and this year they had added a surprise layer of peeps inside the cake!
Bri and Laura
The theme of this year's cake is pretty easy to see...the reason is because this year Bri and Joel got chickens that live in their backyard. Sam and Joel have enjoyed a few days tormenting them and laughing sooooo hard, we have all enjoyed some delicious egg sandwiches from them as well.

Monday, March 2, 2009 March!

Well many of the girls and I spent a good deal of time watching the Bachelor. A few of us had seen the previous season where the current bachelor ended up being the runner up. Needless to say this season was DEFINITELY the most dramatic Bachelor ever! Here are some good clips/blogs/etc. on the season.

Best blogger!!
And...the season in review...videos!!!
Jason on Jimmy...early on
Jason on Ellen...early on
Chris on Ellen...early on
Jillian on Ellen (she should have won!!)
Ellen talking about the Bachelor and why it is amazing!
Chris after the drama
Melissa after the drama
Jason and Molly after the drama
Jimmy's final recap!