Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip Out West

We headed out to Portland for the memorial of our friend Bridget. The service was beautiful, but very sad. The hardest part was watching all of the pictures of her flash by and realize we would not get to see her again, her little girls would not get to grow up with her, and our friend Steve was left without his best friend.
After the memorial we had some time to spend in Portland and Seattle. We got to spend some good time with Steve and Grace too!
The gardens are so beautiful and quiet and have such an amazing view!
view from the garden
Portland has this amazing rose test garden where they try out new types of roses. The place smells amazing and is so pretty!
I like this Shakespeare quote
this picture doesn't really show how big these roses were...easily the size of my hand!
One day we decided to hop in the car and head up the coast. A while back we'd done a long road trip up the 101 from LA to Oregon...so we decided to hop back on the 101 for a while. The shoreline was really pretty.
Then we hit the town of ....SEASIDE (found this quite amusing that the ONLY tree is directly in front of their sign! This city reminds me a lot of Atlantic City on the East Coast...cheesy beach touristy stuff all over. It was the end of the season for sure so it was not very crowded. But we saw they did have a Red Sox bar...however at 8 am we figured it was a wee bit early to pop in!
Then we hopped back in the car and headed out of Oregon, over the bridge...
down the other side...
into Washington!
Where I encountered my first ever Tsunami warning sign!
We stopped at a crossroads and got some gas while I went into what was advertised on the sign outside as the cleanest bathrooms in the city and had the lovely sign above hanging above the toilet. ha!
Then the paper mills. Sam knew about these guys from his work so we stopped to take a pic. So many of the seaside towns are set up for some sort of lumber/paper milling!
We decided to stop in Ocean City for lunch...and found you can drive right out onto the beach. Sam didn't want to drive any closer to the water...come on it's a rental!! :)
We decided not to go here for lunch, I was a little weirded out by the fact that it is Mike's Seafood and they have pictures of Flipper and Shamu on their windows!!
We stopped to check out where we were supposed to have camped and were happy with our decision not to! But the beach by it was pretty.
Any idea what they sell at this place?!
And we missed Logger's Playday by ONE week!!!
more of the logging...

I know, I know...Seattle Art Museum, but it's SAM!
Ahhh...the ferries of Seattle, it was a gorgeous night out, too bad the lunch in Ocean City didn't sit well with Sam he was SO sick!
so we headed back to our hotel and this was the view on the way home
The next morning we headed out to see some of the sights of Seattle the fish guys were great!
and OF COURSE we hit the first Starbucks
Sam in line
We met Sam's cousin Adam for some lunch (yummy sushi) and then made one last pit stop to the main attraction in Seattle.

This one's for Mandy...she LOVES jean shorts...but I feel this is the COMPLETE package, jean shorts, red Mustang convertible, Rush t-shirt from a show years ago, and slicked back hair!! The best part is missing from the picture however because he put the top down, had some classic rock blaring and peeled out of the parking lot! Pretty sure Mandy called dibs but if anyone else is interested you could talk to her.

Sam...chasing a squirrel, which for those of you that know Sam and animals you are probably pretty surprised he went toward it! :)
This was a very cool park in Portland where we spent a few hours our last day there.
Part of the below memorial as you walk up...
to the Holocaust Memorial.
We got to spend some great time with Steve and Grace and their families and were lucky enough to meet Chloe as well. We are so proud of how well this little girl is doing, in fact she just came home this past weekend! Keep her and the family in your prayers through this transition!

Monday, September 29, 2008

And McCain TRYING to help the situation...

You be the judge...did he help??!

And...the SNL version!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Foreign Policy...schmoreign policy...

so the next logical assumption would be that she has actually BEEN to Russia right?? being that it is her next door neighbor and all...

wait for it...wait for it...oh you'll bring em to me??!!


It appears as though Letterman feels the same way I do about this "suspension" of campaign...who does he think he's fooling?!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama Acceptance Speech

Since I am so far behind in my blogs I can rely on my friend Brea for some of the details of the acceptance speech day. First...the logistics and then the description of the speech by Brea are very good (and include some other pics/videos).
Our day went something like this:
Noon- leave work
1pm- meet at Brea's
1:15- get some yummy Mexican food along the way

1:30- arrive at Invesco (Brea, Sam, Laurie, Joy)

2:15- find our seats (yes it took us only 45 minutes!!)

rest of the day- entertainment, wait, entertainment, wait....

The first of the entertainment was a big surprise as they weren't listed on any of the stuff we had seen, and I wish I had a picture of Sam's face when they announced them!! He was so excited...folks the YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND:
here is Sam who essentially jumped out of the shade and moved closer to hear themand here they are! other entertainment included Sheryl Crow (above), Will I Am (video below) and Stevie Wonder

this would be part of the waiting time...we heard from many many Dems...including Al Gore (who people went nuts for)and Joe Biden

Then this great intro...

Then he came out...this is what it was like from our seats!

during the speech

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week of the DNC!!

DNC comes to town woo hoo!! Which means a week of events in Denver.
There was a watch party/concert night in City Park
Sam was pretty excited because he got to pour beer...must be the new shirt.
I went to a WIPP luncheon with guest speaker Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to Barack Obama, it was great to hear her background on him and support of him.
And the Nader van...why not?! This guy is like the energizer bunny!!!