Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Car

When Sam is gone we like to take pictures to send to him.
Here is Cohen bundled up for his morning walk in his new bundle-me
Then coming home later that day he spotted his new car in the garage and FRANTICALLY signed help he needs help he needs to get to the car NOW!!!
it was pretty exciting
the horn honks!
hi daddy check me out!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving- FINALLY!!

Well it has taken me FOREVER to get caught up on posts and this Thanksgiving one is part of the reason (you'll see how long it is!) We went up to the mountains to spend Thanksgiving with the Cornells to celebrate Bri's 30th birthday...it was fun but very tiring as well! Thanksgiving Day Bri and I kept the boys busy while our boys did the cooking so they drummed...
played with each others toys...
found new toys...
checked the outside...
checked the camera...
and pondered...
then it was time for some more exploring!
the boys found a cave
which they quickly learned could fit both of them
hugs for daddy and all of his hard work cooking
then the boys discovered the snow on the porch and wanted some in bowls
it is cold!
and wet...
and lots of fun!
mmmm snow! (don't worry you will see we did actually let them play outside in the snow)
and after the appetizer of snow...
it was time for turkey!
sitting down for the meal
if you have ever had the Cornell sweet potatoes you know that they are essentially dessert which means Isaac LOVES them!
as you can see based on the lunge for them here!
after food we finally bundled the boys up and went outside for some snow time
it is so cute now that the boys are getting older they really interact more and even get each other to laugh
Cohen loved being bundled up and outside
me and my little boy!
so funny with them so bundled up they could barely move
this hat is SOOO great (thanks again grandma and grandpa Troge!)
Sam and Joel played with Joel's board he got at Goodwill
we could prop them up anywhere for pics and they couldn't really move...it was great
Bri (the birthday girl) and Isaac
The Troge Trio
Cohen loves riding up high
Bri and Joel introduced us to a new game which we played every chance we got
and I even won twice! (which makes me love the game even more)
Bri and I powershopped on Black Friday...ok maybe not like some of the crazy black friday shoppers but we had fun...this was our lunch if it shows you what a great day it was! Sadly we didn't get a picture of us with our loot!
When we got back from shopping we had to go outside to see what the boys had been up to during the day.
It was a gorgeous afternoon so we really lucked out (see Keystone in the background)
the boys had built a sledding hill during the day
and Cohen could not get enough of it
it was fun to ride down with daddy too
then Isaac would take some turns
and Cohen's turn againwe may have a little boarder on our hands
that night Sam made a delicious left over caserole using up our leftovers!
then it was bath time
Isaac helping wash Cohen's hair
they were having a blast then came...
SPLASHING (and one amazing photo captured by Bri!)
The next day was Bri and my day to watch the boys while the dads went skiing...we found out early on that they LOVE chex mix!
we built them a fort
they thought it was pretty fun
Isaac sat down and read for a while in the fort
then they unloaded a bunch of other toys...after they were done with the fort we played outside for a while, then had naptime then we went to the pool (but it was too cold for them to be in for long so we sat at the very edge where the water from the hot tub dumped into the pool)Sparrow and Jesse came up to see us for the last night
so we celebrated Bri's birthday with them...Happy Bri Day
Isaac apparently loves singing Happy Birthday so he was very happy
Bri with her briday cake
and Isaac who also REALLY enjoyed the cake!
we bought the boys matching shirts while we were out shopping...they were both swimming in them...and extremely pale in them as well...but still cute!