Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Well we had a pretty relaxing Memorial Day Weekend...lots of planting on day one...cleaning on day two...and playing on day three...see below!

We spent most of the day Saturday planting...and then again with a few HERRRRRRRRBS on Sunday...Sam has quite the potted garden going!

Our deck from our bedroom
our deck from the ground
and our deck...from the deck...showing our new vines!
After a long day of potting/cleaning we headed to my uncle David's house for a BBQ...this is me and my sister Lindsey.
Sam with the son of some of our family friends...Woody. He is adorable!
Lin and her pup Dank
Our friend's little girl Asnika
Our next door neighbor's dog who I am watching...FLETCH!
On Monday a bunch of us ran the 30th Bolder Boulder, I ran with my friend Clare...this is us at the finish getting our beers, lucky for Clare I don't like beer! We started out fast, running the first mile in 8:40 or so...then were quickly bogged down by the sheer number of people running. We chose to run in the KBCO wave of the race mostly for the free cd and t-shirt but the cd sucked this year and they gave us huge shirts...so I think we may opt for a faster running heat next year!
after the race with a bunch of Clare's friends
From Boulder we hit up Rock Bottom Brewery...mmmm pretzels...then went to our friend's house because they just got some little chicks and we had to check them out. For those of you that know Sam well you are probably amazed that he let them sit on him like this...but they are so cute! They came in a box in the mail...check out the Cornell's blog about them!
Then we figured it was time to celebrate with some Pina Coladas (Helen, me, Bri) and the boys played whiffleball in the cold, rainy weather.
Finally back home I figured I needed a pic to show the vast amounts of schwag we collected post race! Clare is all about the free stuff!!

All in all a productive and relaxing and fun weekend!

Friday, May 23, 2008

$3 Trillion Shopping Spree

A friend sent this to me today...pretty amazing...and I must say entertaining!
What would you do with 3 trillion dollars???

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lestahhhhs NO HITTER

Jon Lester throws a NO HITTER Monday night and OF COURSE we are at the two games prior to it!! Sam was even offered tickets to the game from some people at the conference, but he is not allowed to take them...ethics schmethics I say...especially now! Oh well... We were able to watch the game with friends at one of our favorite Boston bars, the Joshua Tree which is in Davis Square right by where we used to live. The best part is that we didn't even realize it was a no hitter until late in the 7th inning because we had been talking and really just watching when the Sox were up to bat. We were glued from then on. The place went NUTS when he pulled it off! With our friends at Joshua Tree

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Red Sox...game 2

We went back for round 2 of the Red Sox on Sunday. This time in the bleachers, which I also find very fun, but realize I don't pay as close of attention to the game because I am always watching the people around me!
Starting with the highly amusing process of the bullpen prep...we had a few good laughs over this one!
here comes the CAPTAIN!
tek's warm up
and more tek
Beckett warming up
RIGHT below us
Sam watching him warm up
and here comes the rest of the rowdy bunch...they were banging away as usual during the game...when they weren't throwing sunflower seeds into a blue cup on the rail in front of them
some people will do ANYTHING to get on tv...the best is this was a guy holding this sign which was followed by tom cruise is crazy go sox
the crew keeping track of strikeouts
bases loaded (which we saw a few times)
pap warming up
still warming up
and his entrance to the game...which is so GREAT! he first gives a little knuckle bump to the police officer then they start up WILD THING we essentially saw it exactly like this video...then they announce him and the Dropkick Murphy's start with shipping up to boston so fun!
Then the classic SWEET CAROLINE in the middle of the 8th
Jilly, me and Sam with the classic Dunkin Donuts sign

Monday, May 19, 2008

Red Sox...game 1

Well to say we lucked out with Friday night's rainout would be an understatement! We were able to get some amazing tickets to Saturday's make up game through a friend of mine that I did a bunch of Obama stuff with in Denver! Sam's brother came up from New York for the weekend since the Sox were playing the Brewers. I have posted about a MILLION pics below, but had so many to choose from it was hard to narrow them down!

Sam and Joel hanging at Jill's watching the afternoon game. Jill has one SWEET location right on Charles Street!

and these were our seats!
Joel...a Brewers fan...but we still let him come. :) We would have serious problems if he was a Yankees fan now living in NY, but we are ok with the Brewers!
Jill and me during warm up
Unfortunately this was all we would see of Tek that night since Wake was pitching :(
One of Sam's favs (Dustin Pedroia) warming up
Wake warming up
and Terry (you can actually see his jaw working harder and harder as he pops in more and more Double Bubble as the night goes on!)
and then there is my new favorite Jacoby Ellsbury (of whom I took so many pictures I will have a blog post just for him sometime later this week)
Yoooooooouuuuuuuukkkkkk...cracked us up...this is his warm up swing...
and THIS is what his mouth does EVERY time he swings!
Big Papi...no need to run, he just watches!
Lowell, last year's World Series MVP, after his home run
Fenway Franks- blah!
Pedroia again
Papi up close (who is not actually as BIG as I thought!!)
after driving Ellsbury home
we were told when we got our tickets that we could put our beer on the Sox dugout...and so we did
Francona arguing...

and returning after losing the argument
Wake's done

end of the game...

Sox Win, which means time to fire up Dirty Water and Tessie!!