Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I voted early for BARACK OBAMA!! wooo hooo...the countdown is on!!!

my ballot pic is a little blurry...but you get the idea
My I Voted sticker from dropping off my mail in ballot!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i LOVE the videos!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Little Fun For EVERYONE!!!

This site cracks me up!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

MORE Obama too!!

I got to see Barack speak AGAIN!! Woooo Hooo!!
This time mom ad dad got to come!
This little girl was SO excited about her flag while we WAITED and WAITED!!
Ray Rivera, the Colorado State Director, who we hung with back in the day in Iowa...almost a year ago...out to kill some time.FINALLY...the man himself! He was late because he was on a call discussing the bail out plan...which did not pass this day (9/29).
but he told us why it would eventually...and why he HAS to be the next president!!
part of the speech

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MORE Stephen Kellogg!

Wednesday the 24th Clare and I went to Boulder to see work the merch table for the Sixers at the Fox Theatre. We first took my brother out to dinner at the Sink...a great burger joint then headed to the Fox. We got to hang out with the guys for a bit before the show, then could see the show on the screen while we sold shirts/cds/etc.
Then Friday we did happy hour at Gov Park and then my friend Helen and I went to the Bluebird to see the show. We were right up front...and of course it was a great show. I have now gotten to see them 4 times in the last few months...time for withdrawl... :(
at the end of the concert they took their guitars to the middle of the venue and sang with just their was great!
Stephen with Kit in the background

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The BIG 3-0

Those of you that have been around me for birthdays know I LOVE them!! Since Sam threw the surprise party early I was able to truly have a birthday month!! On my real birthday (the 19th) I got a few surprises and a fun visit!!
some beautiful flowers from my friend Jill
a VERY YUMMY edible arrangement from my office (with a McCain card as well...they were pretty proud of themselves) a fun sushi dinner out with Sam...with some green tea ice cream and candleThen the arrival of my friend Jen!! I found this for sale sign the night she was coming in and it made me laugh...the realtor is Jennifer friend...Jennifer Pawlak! :)
Saturday we went to Boulder and I showed her some of the sights Then we found this theater where you can do dinner and a movie so we went to see The Women with my friend Natae too and we got the massive margarita...definitely had to share!
Then we stopped by Little Ceasars to see my sister and had to of course take advantage of the Crazy Bread and photo op with the guitar! Jen rocking her Colorado hair! :)

It was a great birthday!! Now only 10 more years until another big birthday...but at least Sam's is coming soon!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

House Changes

We've made a few changes in the house lately that are fun so I thought I'd put a few pics on for those of you that are not close enough to see them in person!!
I FINALLY got my kitchen wall painted...the paint has been sitting in the closet for about 3 months!! For those of you that don't know Sam also made the shelves that the dishes are on and the white plant stand...he decided to take up carpentry for a while but has now moved on to beer making.
And we had these AWESOME bookshelves installed by one of my dad's friends. I love them and have always wanted something like this for all of my books! As you can see I had quite a few to fill it up already! And I got a few new fish out of the deal!! That's Leo Tolstoy on the bookcase and in a bowl on the bottom shelf of the coffe tables we have 3 other little guys James, Ezra, and Scott...all named by Sam.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

So Many Funny little time!!

What would we do without Palin to entertain via John Stewart, SNL, Letterman...??!!
A follow up to the Couric interviews:
And the debate:

Oh and just for fun...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Obama at the School of Mines

This time seeing Obama was VERY early!! I picked up one of my fellow precinct captains, his daughter, and my friend Brittni and we were on the road by 6am!!
By the time we arrived at the School of Mines the sun was just coming up, we could still see the moon and it was chilly but a pretty clear blue sky!
and the two protesters
once we got inside we had a LONG wait!! This guy was LOVING being in front of the flag!
and for some reason we were surrounded by fanny packs... and some more...the one on the left was even a fancy red leather one!
Then came the political line up...above is Mayor Hickenlooper
Gov Bill Ritter
Former Mayor Federico Pena
then the hopefully soon to be president!!
heading out to "Only in America"

September 16th done...some day I will catch up!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wine Tasting

Mid-September now...I'm catching up slowly but surely!!
We went to a wine tasting with my uncle David and some of his friends. It was the last one of the season and was out on the patio at the wine bar on a beautiful night!
This is David demonstrating that this truly is the driest wine EVER!
Lucinda and Melissa
we then walked from one wine bar to the other one down the street to get some food and a fun birthday dessert for Lucinda. This was Sam's cheese and cracker plate.
and my salad...but you can't quite get the idea of how big this was!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

September Bunco

Brea hosted September bunco and had a fall tv kickoff theme. We were all to bring foods that reminded us of a show or went with a show theme. The bunco tossed item was a fall tv guide preview magazine. It was a fun theme!
The Bunco Crew
Julie had the best food idea with Screech's Secret Sauce
Anyone know my theme?? Favorite tv show of ALL TIME...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I don't even know what to say...

$5 Prom

Well Sam pulled off the ultimate surprise which I am still amazed by!! He had a fake birthday party planned for the weekend of the 13th that he sent an evite and everything for and I assumed was the real date...little did I know he'd been working with many of our friends for MONTHS on the surprise party! The evite for the real party said:
Hi, Laurie is turning 30 on September 19th. Laurie is a smart cookie. Therefore, in order to surprise her with a party, we must be equally shrewd by surprising her early. we must also create a fake party diversion. I am having a party for her on September 5th. This evite is for September 5th. [aside: I told Laurie that I am having a party for her on September 13th. That is a lie, but we must all convince her that the party is September 13th (it's really not, it's on September 5th, which is a surprise). You will also recieve an evite for September 13th. It will look real. It is not, but please respond to it as if it is, and then we will play Laurie like a fiddle.] The party is a $5 prom. Disco ball, bad wooden floors, folding chairs, spiked punch. Just another uncomfortable Friday evening. We are renting out a local temple ballroom for the event. She will never guess it. In order to facilitate your planning, please do not bring presents. Rather, please wear your best thrifty store prom outfit, and bring a zany dress for Laurie to wear. Laurie will be modeling your garments for our enjoyment throughout the evening. We will be judging and awarding gifts based on certain criteria (best lace, creative use of veneer and glue gun, 80's vintage best in show, narrowest girth at ankle length, etc.). The weirder the better, you know Laurie. We hope you can make it. Sam
Since I am behind Bri already beat me to the blog so you can check hers out as well!
Brooke and Jim were meant to be the original diversion in getting us to the party around 8, however little Hudson decided to come a little early! Little did I know when we were taking them dinner that they were really just helping Sam stall for time...but hey we got to see the little one so it was fun!
The proud parents...and little Hudson!
Sam with Hudson(who loves sitting like this) I can't believe I didn't get a pic with the little guy!
everyone waiting behind the curtains
more waiting
my uncle a little bored during the wait!!
I thought we were there for a meeting but the whole place was dark and Sam shoved me into the took a minute to even get it!! You can see how proud Sam is that he pulled it off!!
greeting everyone there, still so surprised!
one HAPPY Sam!!!
instead of gifts people brought dresses for me to change into during the night...there were some real winners!!

DRESS #1 (with slip underneath to make it even bigger!) DRESS #2 (Melissa added some straps for me!)
DRESS #3 (notice the nice addition of the fancy Obama button...thanks Brea!)
DRESS #4 (this actually looks like something I might have picked in 8th grade)
DRESS #5 (notice the slit...ALL the way up!)
DRESS #6 (Sam's additon to the mix...and a very HOT one!)
DRESS #7 (thanks book club gals...I look like the mother of the bride!)DRESS #8 (this one isn't so bad and I do LOVE the red shoes!)
DRESS #9 (the puffy sleeves are AMAZING!)
DRESS #10 (sad that this pic is missing the sleeves which are FULL length but thanks Jen/Kristin for this lovely!)
DRESS #11 (yep the bow in the back made the dress...and I borrowed Dan's glasses for the pic and Caroline's lip gloss for the pic)

THE PARTY!!! The Fudges (who really helped Sam a TON with the party!) Sam welcoming everyoneKristin and Jen Brea...making my favorite Brea face
My brother Scott, sister Lindsey and uncle Jim (making a classic Jim face)
Catherine, Helen, Jenny and Clare Natae (in a GOODWILL dress!! ha!)Melissa (with David's vest)mom and dadJimDanDavid

ScottBri, Christine and meme and Leslie in our matching dresses Christine and BreaChristine lining up the fam
The Fam!! me and Natae (we had to get as many pics of her as possible!)
the punch!one of the many head piecesMegan and meChristine (pretty sure we knew each other when our hair was really worn like this!)Sam and Kristinthe siblings
check out Sam's pocket!! his pants were so tight...and he LOVED them!
I had some filthy feet by the end of the night!Joel, Ben and Sammy uncle Jim and meClare, me and JennyThe Fudge slow dance (Griffin provides his own barrier!) Caroline, me and Leslie (they brought this dress)quite a party hubby!!my crazy book club gals with their guysHelen and JackJenny actually JUST wore her dress in a wedding!!Brian and ChristineThe Russell galsDan and the dudeKate, Brea and Melissa