Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beck's Wedding

One of my good friends from college got married just outside of San Francisco.
 She had a great rehearsal that she invited us all to at a Mexican food place in Pleasanton, it was great to spend the time with college friends and celebrating Beck (Jessica) and her wedding.
 My friend Amanda let me borrow her cowboy boots, I have now decided that I need some of my own!
 The next day I spent spent relaxing and reading at the pool with the Jungmans, it was AMAZING. In the afternoon we headed over to the vineyard for the wedding.
 had a great glass of Rose for the ceremony
 then the ceremony started

 Beck looked absolutely beautiful!

 my favorite snapshot from my phone!
I loved their table settings and the family style dinner (and some AMAZING food!)
 Julie and me at the reception, one of us did not wear sunblock while at the pool...can you tell which one?! :)
Thankfully I was able to borrow Chris' jacket as it got quite cool at the vineyard once the sun went down. We had a great night of food, wine, dancing and even croquet.
 We got up early the next morning, had breakfast with Beck and the rest then made the most of our late flight and headed into San Fran.

 I have never been at Pier 39 when it was this empty!
and of course Lombard Street
Julie and me at the top
 a gorgeous little garden tucked in one of the streets along the way
 and no trip to San Fran is complete without a stop at Ghirardelli for a sundae!
 Unfortunately we could never see the bridge because of the classic San Fran fog, but we know it is there.
 the fishing cat

and we topped it all off with some chowder sourdough bread bowls.
Great trip
Great friends

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bike to Work/School Day

 Cohen was very excited for bike to school day, however we didn't think he would make it then entire way so we drove part of the way and then he rode from there.
My ride it after dropping him off was pretty great, just over 7 miles and a gorgeous day.
my friend Holli and I dressed up as our COO and CEO complete with quotes they frequently say stuck all over us.
one of Robert's favorite poses
 the crew that dressed up

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Silly Pool Time

fun friends at the pool

First Biscuit Bus of the Season!!!

It is Farmer's Market time which means it is BISCUIT BUS TIME!!!
 this year Cohen is big enough to ride his bike all of the way to the town center

 and was singing about biscuits the whole way there
 we made it!
and boy oh boy was it worth it...YUMMY!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cohen's race

Cohen was very excited for his race

dancing in a little rain ahead of time

it cleared up just in time for the race, including a little pre-race stretching

time to line up
as you can see Cohen was easily the smallest one there

and they're off!

 they followed the cones up and...
 around the balloon and back

 high fives at the end
 and a little medal
 which he thought was GREAT!
 then the next wave started with the older kids and he took off again!
 this time the out and back was much further

but he still made it
 they then started the final race with the oldest kids and he took off AGAIN, giving high fives the whole way

the official race facebook posted this photo and said this amazing 2 year old ran all three races and laughed the whole time!
needless to say he needed a little water when done! 

and some time to play