Monday, February 20, 2012

Where is Cohen?!

Cohen loves Where's Waldo books and also loves playing hide and seek. I would say he is a little easier to find than Waldo, but he thinks he is totally hidden which is the best part!

We had a cat named Zia growing up that would "hide" under the bed which was really her sticking her head under the dust ruffle and thinking she was totally hidden, this hiding position made me think of that and laugh. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

President's Day

We got a last minute condo deal from a neighborhood mom and decided to head to the mountains for President's Day.
 Cohen now travels with his travel train set so he can have trains with him at all times. It went with us for Christmas, and I am sure will go with us most places at least for the near future.

 we got in some great sledding time
 that Cohen takes VERY seriously!
 we lined the two of them up

 as you can see, this was no small hill!
 If you can click on this pic and make it larger, Sam's face is TOTALLY worth it as they hit the bump!
 our turn
 we decided to take advantage of some free entertainment and took the kiddos for a ride on the gondola at Breck, which they thought was pretty great
 after some dinner we headed over to our sleigh we are getting ready
 and the Fudge Four
 Cohen sat up front and helped steer for a bit
 the sleigh ride goes right up the ski hill which makes for amazing views
 pretty cool with the slope signs right behind 

 here we are up on the hill

 and the whole crew at the end, it was a perfect length just under an hour
and a final goodbye to our horse
and one little boy sound asleep for the ride home, we did remove his jacket before heading all of the way down or we may have just had a little puddle in the back by the time we made it back down to Denver...quite a weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

30 months with frog guy

Another month, another frog pic, this time with a bonus frog

just a little hair!!
Cohen likes the movies Surf's Up and Happy Feet, he loves the music and loves to dance along with the penguins.
Cohen loves yogurt and his new favorite are the tube yogurts that he can squeeze out himself.
We get equal number of snuggles and I can do it by myselfs so we are for sure in full 2 year old mode.
Cohen does soccer on the weekends and can't wait for the return of coachkyle when the snow is all gone and it warms up a bit.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

The Cornells hosted a fun Valentine party
of course we had to line the kiddos up
then basically have the older boys hold on to the little ones
in some cases maybe a little too much!
then we got baby Levi in on the action (his first holiday photos with the boys...and Grace)
then it was play time
and jumping time
and dancing time
and dinner time 
and COOKIE decorating time!
Cohen was very proud of his cookie, such a cutie!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine Crafts

Cohen loves doing "arts" at school so I have tried to start doing some more projects with him at home as well.
 The Target dollar bin is your friend when it comes to random holiday crafts.
 we found these cute little guys to make
 and why wouldn't they be lined up with a piece of bread?!
 Cohen carefully placing the eyes
 then playing with his other craft guys we made
 little finger puppets
 they are so silly
 and for some reason these Valentine finger puppets came with little moustaches you could put on them...but they were even cuter on this little one

and looked fantastic on Sam too