Monday, January 31, 2011


For these videos you will have to make sure to turn the music on the blog off first by scrolling to the bottom of the right hand side and pushing pause on the music player...then you can hear Cohen singing!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday funday!

The temp changed quite a bit from the day before but it was at least still sunny so we went to the park for a bit again. Cohen loves the slide and loves doing it by himself now.
a little hipstamatic slide
then he loves this little spot that he can cute all bundled up!
he and Sam have cereal together in the mornings and this morning the cereal was gone and we took the free book out of the box so Cohen of course put the box on his head (I love that the bottom of the heart looks like little lips!)
then it had to go on daddy's head too
my friend Bri was ready to have baby #2 so we went to get fancy toes and some ice cream
and Cohen and Sam's new favorite game...rolling rolling rolling...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

67 DEGREES??!!!

We had a crazy 67 degree day and decided to take full advantage of it, playing at our park, then going to another park to play with friends it was GREAT!!
here is Cohen on his little bike
and watching some kids play soccer
and then he's off! He is wearing a sweatshirt that was Sam's that his aunt had and we got from his mom this summer...pretty cute!!!
and here he is discovering his shadow...and waving at it

Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Walk

We took advantage of some beautiful weather and walked down to check out the tractors as a family. They are tearing up the parking lot of the old parking structure and Cohen gets so excited about all of the tractors!
family shadow shot

and a funny little video of him cruising along

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend in Vail

We went up to Vail for a fun weekend away with our friends Jared and Emily. Somehow I took NO actual pictures but did get a few little videos. Emily hung out with Cohen and me while the guys went skiing so we decided to head into Vail and walk around and meet the guys for lunch.

Cohen chased this poor bird all over

then he did a little more exploring and dancing

and finally at lunch he played with his new truck...pretty tricky I must say!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Check out my TOMS!!!

Our friend Eric works for Toms Shoes and he and Megan got Cohen two of the CUTEST little pairs of Toms so I told them I would make sure to get some pictures of him in them. Well my little ham sure loved his little photoshoot...see for yourself!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dude's Celebration

We went up to Loveland to celebrate the dude getting into his BFA program at school.
while there we were able to Skype with grandma and grandpa Troge for the first we are
and here they are!
not one of my best cakes but all I had was the store bought frosting tube instead of my cake decorating kit...he is going to school for film studies if you are wondering about the film reel...
and the dude with his cake
Allyson needs all of the help she can get when eating :)
the next morning Cohen didn't want his own breakfast he wanted grandpa's...which brought quite a face with the first bite but then he just kept eating it!
and of course had to do it by himself
and when in Loveland there is always some good play time to be had!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zoo Time

We love our zoo pass that allows us to go to the zoo for just a little bit. Today we went to the zoo to enjoy a cool, but nice afternoon and were excited to see...
the lions RIGHT by the glass!!
Cohen wasn't so sure at first

here you can see him warming up to the idea (and you can see his amazing bed/hat head too!)

the tiger cubs were out playing around as well, fun to watch them
and Cohen loves Tropical Discovery because you have to ditch the stroller which means he is free to run around AND the displays are actually right at his height!

Cohen's new thing is jumping...well at least what he thinks is jumping! He gets so excited. Here is a little glimpse of what it looks like.

2011 Reviews

This year I decided to review all books/shows/movies/concerts we attend on a separate blog. If you'd like to keep up with those you can visit 2011 Entertainment Reviews here
I have updated through January so far and will soon get to February but you can find my reviews on the following:
Hunger Games
Catching Fire
Still Alice
Cutting for Stone
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Step Up 3
Charlie St. Cloud
The Social Network
Blue Valentine
Toy Story 3
Next to Normal

Friday, January 14, 2011

17 Months Old!

Cohen is 17 months old and such a little always he keeps us laughing!

here he is with his frog guy
and a little brush just his size (he loves to help brush hair)

and brush his own hair as well
and still has VERY chunky little feet!!
This month has been fun
Cohen continues to add new signs (music, lights, phone, thank you, bath along with the others he already uses)
He has tried lots of new foods and will like some one day and not the next so we are always trying to new things
He now repeats a lot of words and is on the verge of even more...we know it is coming!
He still loves stuffed animals and is always giving them hugs and kisses
He loves to help us put our shoes on, especially if it means he gets to go outside too!
Most of all he just keeps us laughing and having fun as a family!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ellie and I made a trip to Indy for work and in between a LOT of meetings we stopped and had some GREAT sushi...I know great sushi in Indy seems strange but it was really good!
this is one of our plates
and here is a view from our hotel was FREEZING out!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sledding again!

For this sledding adventure we bundled Cohen up in his one piece suit from grandma and grandpa Troge and headed out into the snow
he was quite the little puffball
but very warm!!
since everything was covered in snow we just stuck him in the sled and pulled him over to the park
he was mesmorized by the falling snow
at the park he decided he wanted to run
and so he did
then he and daddy marched up the hill (march march march)
to the slide which he FLEW down since it was snowy
then he was off...
and finally ready for some sledding...
by himself!!
which he thought was GREAT!
it got cold pretty quickly so we headed back inside to warm up those rosy little (or not so little) cheeks!