Monday, April 28, 2008

Aruba, Jamaica ooooo I wanna take ya...

Sam and I wanted to use some plane tickets we had to take a trip to somewhere we picked Aruba. It was quite the adventure getting there from Colorado. We flew out of Denver at 8:45 which was supposed to be 7:45pm and got into Philly at 1:35am. We then got to hang in the Philly airport for 6 hours until our plane left for Aruba at 7:30am. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep, but at least it was pretty quiet in the airport until the started cleaning the floors. But finally we were on our way and made it into Aruba. We go through customs and wait for our bags...and wait...and wait...and wait...yep...NO bags! Argh, so we have to fill out a form and they tell us that hopefully they have made on the next plane that will get in around 4 and will make it to our hotel by 6ish. We are pretty sure that in the INSANE amount of time we were in Philly our bags could have walked themselves over and made it on our plane, but US Airways didn't seem to think it strange...oh well we are just hoping it is not a sign of what the trip will be. So instead we head off to the hotel with no sunblock, no bathing suits but at least we had books and snacks! Since we are there before check in time we have to wait by the pool...poor us. So we get a few fruity beverages and lounge and read our books until...

our new little friend hops up on the rocks right next to us! A few days later this older guy came to the hotel and literally follwed these guys around taking pictures and tracking them. We were then more entertained by the guy than the geckos!
This is a picture of our place and the pools we spent a lot of time reading by. Since we had no suits we decided our first night we would just go for a walk down the beach and see what we could find. Well we found...

A RED SOX bar!!! Yes folks...a Red Sox bar in Aruba which was amazing because it was the Yankees/Red Sox series. So we plopped ourselves down with the owner (who went to UNH and graduated the year after me) and cheered on our Sox. We finally had to call it a night when they went on their second rain delay as we were anxious to see if our bags made it. They did! So early the next morning we played some tennis and then packed up and went...

down to our beach for some lounging and...
The afternoon was spent back at the pool reading.
We found a great happy hour place that had a bucket of favorite. So we sat, ate some shrimp and watched the sun set.
A little friend joined us as soon as we got the shrimp...he's no fool! Even if we didn't feed him he stuck around making us look guilty so we figured we might as well give him a few.

This sign was a little out from where we were sitting and Sam started asking me distances to places. I kept getting them pretty close to the right numbers and he was amazed, until he realized I had memorized most of the was fun while it lasted.
On our walk we found some bushes full of these crabs, we almost stepped on some on the sidewalk because we didn't see them!
Of course when you are by the ocean you can never have too many sunset pictures!!

This sunset was right as we sat down to a fish restaurant on the pier.
The sunset was good...the food not so much!
We were entertained by feeding the fish our rolls and watching them all go for it, so that was good as well.
Our last day we went sailing/snorkeling.
For those of you that know me well you know two things. 1. I HATE salt water and rarely go in the ocean because I do not like it in my mouth 2. I HATE having things over my face especially when I feel like I cannot breathe. But apart from all that...I jumped off the boat with a snorkel and mask for my first attempt. I FREAKED! With the salt water coming in waves over and over and the face mask over my nose I was toast. I had Sam swim back and get me a life vest. Once I had that I didn't have to worry too much about swimming so I could relax a little more and finally figure it out. It was AMAZING!! There were so many fish below!

There was a HUGE WW1 ship sunk just off the coast (you can still see the mast above the water here) and we were able to swim right over it. We then swam closer to shore where I saw a huge starfish that one of the guys we were with picked up for me to hold and then saw an...
eel...yuck! (this picture is from the internet I did not have a camera but found this that looks exactly like the one I saw)
finally a few of our favs...shadow shots

PA Primary...enough already...just give up!!!

For those of you a little frustrated that Hillbilly is STILL in the race you may find this amusing...the truth in it is amazing!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Good Bye Gubsers!!

Our friends the Gubsers are off to a new chapter of their life in California. We are excited for them, but sad to see them go!!! We had a going away party for them a few weeks ago...
The Fudges made a special cake
We'll for sure miss our favorite little guy...who LOVED my purse that night! ha!
Sam and Lincoln
We gave Lincoln some beach toys for his new home
his sunglasses looked good on mom (Alison) too!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April Bunco

Sara and Emily hosted "Italian Bunco" and went all out! We had some amazing pasta, our own Italian restaurant set up which turned into our playing tables!

Julie, Brooke, Kate and Sara
Emily who won the first 9 games in a row and didn't move from this spot!
And since I forgot the Bunco box we had Bunco Arnold...too bad he didn't still talk!
I walked away with the loser prize which included some girlie pasta and a beef stick! Ha!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Webster Wedding Weekend

Last weekend (the 28th-30th) we were off to another wedding...this time the destination was Lake Tahoe for Mike and Elise's wedding.
The beginning of the journey did not start out so well...about a month ago Brooke and I were notified that our flight times had changed, when looking we realized they changed by 4 hours and were no longer even the same flight. Which means we would now get into Reno at 11:45pm and have to still drive to Tahoe. So after countless hours on the phone with United's customer service team based in India we were able to change our flight to get in much earlier...BUT of course it doesn't work out so smoothly. Instead we get to DIA, load our plane and they notice there is condensation on one of the windows. This has to be fixed before we take off, which they tell us could be a few hours. Well...that does not work so well since our layover in LA is supposed to be 30 minutes. So we file off and are rebooked guessed it, the flight we spent countless hours with our friends in India trying to get off of. Only problem...our luggage is now on the plane we were just sitting on which means we will have to wait for it to arrive in Reno anyway. But what this all really means is we now have 5 hours in the Denver airport. So...
we hit up a sports bar
have a few drinks
take a nap
get grumpy
read...we even bought a deck of cards to help pass the time but could not come up with any good games requiring only one deck of cards (at $5 each that is all we were buying) so the card playing didn't last long.
Then we finally arrive in Reno and have an hour to kill in the airport on that end waiting for our bags...Jim tries his luck at Wheel of Fortune...and finally our bags arrive!! So we hit the road for our hour journey to Lake Tahoe and finally get in around 1:45am.
So since we got in late we slept in some then went for a great breakfast and to check out the lake which is BEAUTIFUL!! It was very windy and pretty darn cold, but one of the most amazing views I have ever seen!

After a morning/afternoon out we went back and got ready for the rehearsal dinner.
Julie and Chris (all those in the wedding had on leis)Brooke and Jim
Brooke, Julie, Beck, and me
Sam...still loving his new glasses and me. The rehearsal dinner was at a great restaurant on the lake with some great food. There were only 9 people not at the dinner that would be at the wedding so it was huge! It was so nice of his folks to invite everyone out since they knew we had all traveled in to be there.
Day two we decided we would do more of a drive of the lake. Jim spotted this granite cut out of the lake. He and Sam had been learning all kinds of Tahoe trivia and were happy to see some of it displayed here.
There was this waterfall off of one of the scenic pull outs...we mainly stopped because by that point Sam was super sick from the windy roads.
little island in the cove
and the infamous back to back photo
Then it was time for the wedding!

Elise and Mike Webster!!! FINALLY!!!
quick pic outside since it was so cold...the view was amazing though!
Brooke, Elise, and moi (her dress was gorgeous!!)
the centerpieces were very cool!
and we KNEW with these two there would be cake all over!
the little flower girls joined them for their dance, it was adorable!
What an amazing wedding and fun weekend away...congrats Mike and Elise!!!