Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I headed to Indy for a work conference

 the hotel we were in was FREEZING the entire time, but we did learn more about our database
 we had a cocktail hour hosted by the company for the conference (here were are with gross drink #1)
 followed by gross pitcher of drinks...all so far undrinkable
 so we decided to go with the red wine instead
 took this pic for my old co-worker Ellie as we stayed right across from this statue last time we were in town
 cigar bar...but it really wasn't as smokey as the pic makes it look
 here are the adorable pictures I got while I was away

and the monkey I won at the conference

Monday, May 28, 2012

New elephant exhibit

I got early tickets to go check out the new elephant area at our zoo.
 Cohen was very excited but still stopped for a look at the giraffes
 he made up a few songs along the way
 the new entrance
 here are Mimi and Dolly in their new home (Mimi has been at the zoo for 51 years so this was a big change for her) 
 Groucho, one of the new elephants

the have an indoor exhibit as well, Cohen was right next to this guy
and talked to him the whole time he sat there, it was very cute 
 then he found the otters
 and they came up right by him
 Bodi, the other new elephant...quite a great new home!
 Cohen got to ride in a little tuk tuk which was from a town in Thailand we had visited, Chaing Mai
and the visit to the zoo isn't complete without a ride on the train or the carousel

favorite reading spot

Playing around with some new photo settings on my phone, I took a picture of one of my favorite spots in our house. It is a great place to sit and read and I love the shelves behind full of books.

3-2-1 Blastoff!!

Sam and Cohen brought out the rocket to test it out
 a little pre-building at home
 the wagon works well to take everything over to the park
 getting it all set up

 blowing up the top part
 pumping up the pressure

 kitty went for a ride

 Cohen and I launched a few times as well
 part of the fun is chasing the rocket down
 then hauling it back
 and a few fun videos of the process

checking out a stick he found on the way home, just a cute pic

Sunday, May 27, 2012

fun hike

We went on a fun hike in Evergreen with Jen. We definitely want to go back to check out some of the other trails.

 a little help from Sam
 and a little help from Jen
and you can make it to the top!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Color Run


and here's the story...

A fun new run came to Denver so we decided we might as well try it out.
 First we needed good outfits, so I started with shorts for everyone at Wally World
 then our friend Nicky hooked us up with some screen printing at her design studio
 add some sweet 80s shades, headbands and jelly bracelets and you have the final product and 7 gals ready for some fun
 arriving at the race it was fun to see so many people in white
 Bri striking my favorite pose with my friend Jen
 Bri, Jen, Brooke and me
 me again
 Cohen decided he wanted to join for the race when he and Sam arrived
 we had quite a bit of color on us by the time the race even started!
Cohen ran the first mile or so then Bri and I traded off holding him and letting him run
 he liked being with Bri since he got such a great view
first color was the yellow (you can see Cohen on Bri's shoulders going through the yellow)
then some blue
Brooke got blasted by the blue, good thing she had on some sweet shades!
 and some cheers from Cohen who thought this was just so crazy!
add a little green to the mix...
 the big finish
Cohen wanted to run through the finish and dumped his color along the way as he ran
 we had all kinds of fun at the finish  

it was quite a race, we are already looking forward to next year