Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun Pics

Our neighbor across the way is a photographer and also a grandma and her little grandson loves playing with Cohen so she snapped some cute shots this summer that I just found again so I figured I would post them now...

 here is Cohen with her grandson Nolan (they are almost a year apart but you'd never know based on size!)

Biscuit Bus

I think it has been well established on here that Cohen LOVES the Biscuit Bus...well in this video you can hear him as we approach the biscuit bus...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Play Day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More fun with TROGES!

After we returned from Crested Butte we had more fun days with grandma and grandpa!
 the awesome park across the street from our house
 Cohen starting early on some climbing
 and you can't beat digging in the sandbox...
 especially with help from grandma AND
 some fun on the slides too
 then a fun day out with only grandma and grandpa at the museum of nature and science
 they have some great kid areas
 and lots of interactive toys
 we also did an early birthday celebration
 complete with singing and candles
 which he enjoyed blowing out
 and gave high fives
 then wanted to do it again so he got to do it with grandma and grandpa Russell
 he tried the cupcake
 but as you can see was not a huge fan "no like like it"
 so we moved on to some presents...a little badger fan in the making...uncle Joel would be proud!
 a thank you
 a very soft new kid Bible
 very serious about gifts
 and the key to his heart...
 a NEW tractor!
 this is love you (or love IT as the case may be)
 we went on a few "cat hunts" where we look for the neighborhood cats
 it is always great when we see them
 and sometimes we get LUCKY and they find us!
 this is Milo...Cohen's favorite neighborhood cat
 Cohen snuck in some reading time with grandpa AND
 and we squeezed in his 2 year pictures with both sets of grandparents and his Meri (our nanny)
 mom and dad
 grandma and grandpa Russell
 grandma and grandpa Troge
 and the amazing view from the park
 and last but not least...ZOO time
 which to Cohen is mainly about "train time"
Thank you grandma and grandpa for such a fun visit...we can't wait to see you again at Christmas!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Crested Butte

After the race we got to spend the night and the next day in Crested Butte
 Cohen got to spend some time with grandma and grandpa while I finished my race and then when Sam and I went to the wine festival going on after the race

 he loved hopping up on the heater to look out the window
 he went on his first "city bus" TWO TIMES
 we went for a hike that was more of a walk which was perfect for Cohen and for my sore legs!

 On the way home we stopped on Cottonwood Pass for a picnic

 Sam and Cohen found some snow which is very funny in July!

grandma and grandpa way over there 
 one of my favorite shadow pics yet!

It was sure a fun trip in the middle of the Troge visit!