Monday, July 21, 2008

Mile High Music Festival

Denver decided to host one killer music festival...the Mile High Music Festival

I bought tickets for Day 2 of the festival for Sam for our anniversary when I thought Stephen Kellogg (more to come) was performing on day 2...then he switched to day 1 so I was bummed...BUT I ended up getting 2 free tickets to Day 1 so, off we went...

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers-

Those of you that have heard me talk about the SK6ers know that I LOVE this band!! We discovered them by accident while living in LA. We went to see Pat McGee Band in Hollywood and the SK6ers opened for them and totally stole the show...since then I have been a HUGE fan.

Stephen Kellogg...kicking off the festival
joined by the Sixers...
and for those of you that have not heard of them or ever seen are a few videos:
4th of July
My Old Man
See You Later See You Soon
The Rest of Day 1-

Out of both days Josh Ritter was definitely the next best show. He and his band were having so much fun on the stage.

They are quite the characters!

Joel and Sam (Bri, Helen and I were there too...but no pics of us) Sam's favorite show of the day was Spoon...I liked them because they were one of the shows under a tent since it was 96 degrees out!! HOT HOT HOT

Bring on Day 2-

After learning from day one Dan knew to hydrate before the concerts started...we dropped him and his Razor scooter off at the convenience store as we made our way through traffic. This pic is of him in Brea's rear view mirror!

Me and Brea (so jealous of her hat!!)

One view of the blazing hot sun!!

Day 2 brought another round of great artists: One Republic, Colbie Calliet, O.A.R, Flogging Molly, Black Crowes, and the tool you see above John Mayer. He came out in these sweet shades...ok maybe not so sweet! And this little one was along for his first DMB show

Brittni, Josh (and baby Griffin for his first concert rockin' in mom's belly!!)
Sam loves those shades!

Brea got this shot as we was a fun couple of days!

Speaking of are a few folks we found entertaining over the two days: the ridiculous PDA couple
this outfit...but don't miss the dance moves below (just tilt your head sideways)
Hannah Montana chairs...REALLY?!

and this girl in purple...really feeling the music...really NOT knowing the words!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stapleton Dems Kickoff BBQ

We kicked off the Stapleton Dems with a big BBQ sponsored by Terrance Carroll of our house district. We had over 200 people show up so we were pretty excited about it.
sign in table
Terrance welcoming everyone
the Obama crew
and former Mayor Wellington Webb
and how could I pass up the cool clouds?!

and an amazing sunset

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Book Club and other book info...

My book club this month read The History of Love by Nicole Krauss which I thought was good and fun to read since it was told from two very different if any of you are looking for a book I'd recommend it. Speaking of which, those of you that are looking for books friends are reading or others I have read/rated should try out Goodreads as I don't usually post my books on here but thought it'd be a good intro to the site for anyone interested. Sam and I are always looking for good book recommendations so send them our way!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Making Aprons

Brooke, Clare and I went to the Fancy Tiger for a fun apron making class. We had our ever patient teacher Claudia to show us how to make them, but would still probably be hard pressed between the 3 of us to remember all of the steps! It was super fun though and they turned out really well!!
my first sewing machine...which I battled...the second one worked much better!!
Clare sewing away
Brooke and I with our finished products

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Family Trip to Iowa...

This past weekend we headed to the booming metropolis of Osage, Iowa for the Troge Family Reunion of which I believe pictures are worth MORE than a thousand words!!

A beautiful sunset when we stopped off the road for some dinner in Nebraska...
later in the night we ran into bugs...LOTS of seriously sounded like it was raining so many were hitting the windshield. This is the windshield the next morning after already having cleared it off 5 times while driving!
We FINALLY arrived in Osage after 13 hours of is a bit windy in Osage...ALL THE TIME!!
We had to get some chairs from Aunt Harriet's church and they were getting ready for a rummage Joel and Sam decided they would start rummaging. Joel found some new kicks and a new hat.
Sam found what has to be one of the most dangerous inventions ever invented! We are still not quite sure the purpose...
he also found a kids bike which he road all over the church.
Then it was time to visit Aunt Harriet (whose 90th birthday was part of the weekend festivities). After visiting her Sam and Joel fired up the whiffleball.
Then we moved on to more lawn games. Eric and Joel took on...
Sam and Kevin...
who then played Ben and Ryan...
and Tricia and Steve. We spent a LOT of time playing yard games while in Iowa...pretty much took over the back side of the hotel!
The next day we had lunch at this Inn in the next town over, which amazingly was even smaller than Osage!
our group was so big we had to split into two rooms
This door decoration fascinated us...there really isn't anything missing from it. Fairy-check, Beads-check, Flowers- check, Lights-check, Branches-check...AMAZING!
all of this was found at the Blue Belle Inn we had to take a big family the meantime Sam and Joel hammed it up for a few pics
and another
FINALLY...the family photo
and then some more whiffle ball
followed by the car tour of Osage and surrounding areas
a few barns along the way...I LOVE barns!
Then we stopped at the family church.
Sam picked some beautiful flowers that were growing along the road side.
which is titled in German of course...
the Troge men (Ryan, Ben, Caleb, Eric, Joel, Sam)
Then to the cemetary to do a ceremony for the grandparents and the moving of the headstone.
a shadow pic in the mix
Some of the gravestones are really old, full of Troge history.
Then back to Osage where the local computer store offers to get rid of Vista for you. Me, having used Vista and hated it, understands why there would be such a demand for its removal.
Osage...apparently known for its maples...just don't ask Sam where the name Osage originates from!
Main Street
Then it was time for the official reunion night. We gathered at Harriet's church for some pizza, games, and dessert.
But first...the blessing provided by Sam's mom:
Your mercy, O God, is from generation to generation.
From everlasting to everlasting, You are God.
We praise You for setting the solitary in families.
It is not good for us to be alone.
We are thankful for
husbands and wives who love each other
children who show honor and love
elders who temper novelty with wisdom
youth who dare to dream and risk themselves for a better world
We are thankful for each other.
When we have been thoughtless or thankless,
When we expect others to be perfect but not ourselves,
When we have gossiped or criticized,
Good Lord, forgive us!
When we have been jealous or boastful,
When we have been arrogant or rude,
When we have been irritable or resentful,
Good Lod, forgive us and plant your love in our hearts!
In our time together grant that we may discover new joys in each other,
remember past experiences with thanksgiving,
and server one another, and You, in gladness.
We ask You to hear us, O Lord.
At all times, O Lord,
When we are together or when we are apart,
help us remember the obnd that unites us
and be ready to bear one another's burdens
or rejoice in each other's blessings through your Son,
our Brother, Jesus Christ...
after dinner...more whiffle ball, this time with our nephew Ruben who is quite the player!
here he is pitching to his dad JD, one of our other nephews
Osage...on the way out of town...let the 13 hour journey begin!!