Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Birthday Week...

Sam always laughs because I have my "birthday month" then my "birthday week" then of course my birthday...however this year it truly was a birthday week!!

My Actual Birthday the big 2-9!
On my actual birthday I worked, then Sam and I went out for sushi (my favorite) then I had my group with the gals. Brittni made these awesome brownies for me!

Bowling Night

Sam won a free bowling party for 16 when we went bowling with his work, so we decided to use the party for my birthday celebration. Check out Bri's form!!! My uncle David and his wicked curve ball...only rivaled on our lane by Dan.
Joel showing Bri how it is done...
Sam...before the guys decided to bowl for speed. Fudge came out ahead with the fastest bowl, Joel Cornell won technique for a strike thrown between his legs, and I was able to pull out slowest ball with 1.07 mph down the compared to Fudge's fastest at 28 something! :)
Me and my friend Natae...friends since 4th grade! She took one for the team to come bowling...not her favorite activity!

And to finish out the week...Bucca de Beppo

Me and my cousin Landon
My aunt Tammy and my mom

And then we have the classic family shots!!
my dad
my uncle Jim
Overall it was one great birthday week!! Thanks to all of you for the fun cards, emails, gifts, I really appreciate it...let the birthday month continue!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oktoberfest/Camping Weekend

This past weekend we stopped by the Oktoberfest in Breckenridge with some friends.
These little German dancers were SO cute! The little guy was only 5!
Bri helped me snap a photo of the German was quite the task!
And how can you not laugh at the guy in lederhosen smoking in line for the porta potties!
Laurie and Helen...and a friend who had to jump into our picture.
The main purpose of our trip was to finally get a good camping weekend in since camping weather is almost over!
Josh, Joel, Sam, and Jack at the campfire
Megan, Alison, Joel, Brittni, and Bri...also at the campfire
And some cornhole, brought to us by friends from OHIO and extremely addictive! The goal is to be the first pair to reach the determined number of points by landing the bag in the hole or at least on the board!
Saturday morning breakfast prep...LOTS of egg and cheese bagel sandwhiches, no need to change out of the pjs for breakfast!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fall Weather Brings the End of Summer...

Since I started this blog just a bit ago I thought it would be fun to run through some summer highlights as the summer comes to a close and the fall weather moves in...


We hosted a Cinco de Mayo party at our place
My good friend Brooke got married to her longtime boyfriend Jim. I was a bridesmaid and had a lot of fun with all of the pre-wedding/wedding activities. The ceremony was gorgeous!

Sam finished test 3 of the CFA exam so we had a party to celebrate. He is hanging with Brian and Christine and his favorite little guy Joshua. **We found out in August that Sam passed for sure, he is officially done studying and has free time for the first time since we've been married!

The family came down to celebrate, so I am with my sister Kate and "little" brother Scott.

And what better way to end the party then head to Casey's (our local Irish pub) to watch the Sox/Yankees...we will leave out the score of the game!


We set off for the plains to go to the Wakarusa music festival in Kansas with some friends.

Here we are in our short was too windy for it to stay up the first day so we improvised.

Off to the concerts.

Some shadow favorite!


We had a low key anniversary this year...Sam bought some of my favorite ice cream and we relaxed on our deck.
Then as with any celebration we headed to Casey's to watch the Red Sox with some friends!
Kate was in Singin' in the rain...this is what they gave us to stay dry, however...
the actor who splashed the audience knew Kate had a family table in the front row...
and he SOAKED us! (me with my aunt Allyson and mom and dad)
Here is Kate in her blonde wig and lovely stage makeup. My uncles Jim (left) and David (right) also made it to the show.
We did a lot of hiking with our family.
The only one we're missing is "Uncle Joel" as the kids call him! This is Sam's sister and family, the 4 little nephews who are growing up soooo fast!
And the highlight of Ruben's trip...snowball fight with "uncle Sam"
We hit the "DADDY" of EM all for some rodeo fun!
Sam sporting the new cowboy hat.
Our friends Chris and Julie
Bull Riding Finals
Bronco Riding Finals

We met the family I used to nanny for on Cape Cod and celebrated Joelle's birthday while we were there. Joelle and I made her cake, going with a beach theme and the crabs which are out in full force (one attached itself to my foot) in the ocean.
Harry or "little man" as I call him is no longer so little!
Sam took the kids for a boat ride around both buoys then needed a nap!
A gift for Joelle from some of the other kids on the Cape.
Harry making his way back up from the fire pit, before it was put out by security!

Good old Yawkey Way!
The 7th inning break
Jill, Rachel, and me
Captain favorite talking about their amazing win in the bottom of the 9th!
Yet another pic of us in Red Sox gear!