Thursday, April 30, 2009

More from Mexico- Iguanas EVERYWHERE!! has been over a month since we went to Mexico so I figured it was time to finally finish up the blog pics from our trip. The first set shows our iguana friends we saw EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weeks 24 AND 25 has a been a busy few weeks which means I am once again behind so I thought I'd start with the easy two. Prego pics for the last two weeks!
Week 24Week 25
The belly is for sure popping out there!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

23 Weeks!

Here you go...the latest belly pic. We have finally had some nicer days which means more spring time clothes which I am very excited about...however I am ready for summer!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well the reason for this post is twofold...first of all Sam is obsessed with the pirates because he finds it amazing that they have made the front page of the Wall Street Journal for the past week or so...even over the Italian earthquake, and secondly because these graphs are very funny!
Of course Obama didn't personally kill any pirates, but just so you know:
Now consider this...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Break

Well I am taking a break from our trip photos to bring you Easter photos.
Egg Dying-
We started the Easter weekend dying eggs at our friend Clare's place
Sam is working VERY hard on his egg...pic to come
Me and my friend Clare...making typical Clare faces
the egg dying set up...they found neon food coloring which made super bright eggs!
Sam now showing off his egg pre-dye
and after the dye...quite impressive I know! Sam LOVES crayons (as many of you know based on the vast amount of homemade crayon cards I have received)
here are a few of my eggs and a few others
Easter Morning-
Many people get up early for Easter sunrise fact last year we did as well...but this year we were up at the crack of dawn to watch...a cycling race!
Sam's favorite two races of the year are back to back Sundays in April. The first is the Tour of Flanders also known as the Ronde van Vlaanderen which he and Jack were up for at the crack of dawn last Sunday drinking Belgian beer and eating fries with mayo...mmmm. This week I gave up on trying to sleep and joined them for Paris-Roubaix. He loves these races for so many reasons but most of all it comes down to the fact that there are really only 8-10 guys in the world that have the skill set to win either of them, and they ride on cobblestones.
He bought the cycling tv package that we just hook up to our tv from the computer.
Going along with the beverage/food themes Jack brough some French red beans and rice
and we made some chocolate croissants and espresso
The race was very very close until a crash at the end that allowed one of Sam's favorites to run away with it. This is Tom Boonen winning his 3rd Paris-Roubaix. (Many of you will remember a beta we once had by this name...he has now been replaced by Bruce Lee)
Easter Day-

We had some friends come over for brunch...Isaac Cornell was celebrating his first Easter with all of us.
He didn't sleep much at all the night before so we teased Bri all day about what an easy baby he is since he was so worn out during the day...we really should have let her take a nap when he did!
and one more...he's such a cutie!
If you are a faithful blog follower you will remember that at Bri and Joel's baby shower we lost the guys after the pinata to a new game they created with the bouncy balls from inside the pinata. They have so aptly named the game...Bouncy Balls. The drizzle on Sunday did not phase them as they played this game for about 3 1/2 hours! There is still a TON of mud outside in our courtyard to prove it.
Joel apparently has quite the technique as he never lost the entire matter who he was with!
They were a little wet and a LOT covered in grass and mud by the time they were done.
While the guys were outside we hid eggs all over the house for them to find. We knew they would not be too motivated by finding eggs with candy in we motivated them by making it a competition between all 4 of them. They all took off before we even stopped talking...some of them already with hands full of eggs.
Ben checking the plant
we hid one egg in a bra on the drying rack to see who would go for problem!
Joel and Josh running through the baby room
Sam trying to beat Joel to a few more in the baby room (more actual baby room photos will eventually be posted on the is still a work in progress)
and back to the kitchen they all went...Ben "wait are there still more upstairs?!"
Sam with his final stash of eggs
Josh with his
and since we didn't really make it into many photos (me, Crystal with Isaac, Bri and Catherine)
and the boys (Ben, Joel, Sam and Josh)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mexico- Day at the Aquarium

I went with both sets of parents to the Aquarium one not very sunny afternoon. We were pretty impressed with what they had set up for essentially $6.
petting the shark...which does in fact feel like sandpaper
my mom petting the shark
Sam's mom petting the stingray (who was really cool to watch eat up against the glass)
then we stayed around for the dolphin show
I love dolphins...they are so cool!

Friday, April 10, 2009

More from Mexico- Curls, Signs, and Geocaching


Sam LOVES how curly his hair gets in the humidity. It used to curl more when we lived in LA too...but not even this much!

who needs a drive thru when you have an auto-mac?!

I think I find this sign most amusing because they are able to correctly use the word nor in their sign but need a little help with theft and contents. :)

Well if you have spent any time with the Russell family you know what geocaching is...for those of you that don't click on the link! My dad, mom, Sam's mom and I went for one adventure while in Cancun. We found the location and were eventually told that someone must have removed it but we were in the right spot...
so we instead took a nice walk back to our condo snapping pics along the way.