Saturday, July 28, 2012

Girl's Weekend

I have no idea how out of an entire girl's weekend I have 3 pictures but here they are. We went for a quick escape in the mountains. One night in Keystone and one at the Beaver Creek Hyatt thanks to a friends and family discount. It was a fun weekend of hanging out, watching some Olympics, eating some great food and just time with the girls.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Office Olympics

I spearheaded a fun staff building event to kick off our own celebration of the Olympics...Office Olympics. I first gathered a stellar crew of team captains and we were off with planning and preparing for 2 weeks of games. Then it was finally time for the Opening Ceremonies. We had each team parade in with their team flags...
The Chamber Crushers
5 hot chicks and a DUDE
Superheroes in Training
the Angels (my team!)
We had a fun filled kick off, complete with an office chair dance to Takin' Care of Business (wish I had the video to show...) and as you can see the lighting of the Olympic torch. After a week of the torch passing through the office it made its way to the Opening Ceremonies and the games officially began.
going with the chair theme we kicked it off with one massive game of musical chairs
we just kept removing chairs until we had the winners
and the first medals were handed out!
we ended the Opening Ceremonies with some Olympic themed snacks
and the unveiling of the medal watch board
Over the course of the next two weeks we had 1-2 games per day including Trash Can basketball

some flicks football
a few practical "games" were thrown in there such as Board Book assembly line

each time winners gaining more medals
a cupcake eating contest since cupcakes seem to be the dessert of choice at the Chamber

of course we had to toss in a few rules like the person eating not being able to touch the cupcakes...
the Inbox Toss
which required a lot of tallying

that I won...without any other teammates there to help!
and of course invoice stuffing was part of the games

which was also won by my team (a photo of probably 4 of the most competative people you could come up against!)
Olympic Rings...testing to see how closely folks had been paying attention to that infamous logo
and only ONE team was able to get it right
ahhh...then some bagel bowling. We ALWAYS have left over bagels at the office so we decided to put them to use...
and once again got first place (you may be seeing a theme here)
table tents, probably one of the most frustrating parts of any meetings is setting up these tents in alpha order and not knocking them over, so of course it was part of the games as well

we brought a water balloon toss in to mix things up

and followed it up with a water relay Big Brother style

each team had to run down our flimsy cups full of water and fill up the ice buckets
and with a few other events such as dress for success and the office chair relay the games came to an end and it was time for....
CLOSING CEREMONIES and awards (Shaun with the Ring Leader award for being the only one who knew the Olympic ring colors in the right order)

and a few items from our dress for success event making their way to their rightful owners
Scott made these shoes look good

team Spirit award for best attendance by teammates during the games
and the final awards...9th place
8th place
7th place
6th place
5th place
4th place
and the GOLD medal team! :)
It was a great time getting to know staff better and introducing new staff to the office.