Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walk Walk Walk...

We went for a family walk to watch the tractors and Cohen decided he wanted to actually walk home and not be in his stroller "walk walk walk walk walk walk walk"

the shadow shots

I love this one!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ski Weekend

I know I've been slacking on the blogs...I always fall behind when we have a big event with tons of pictures...thus the 2nd annual ski weekend with friends is FINALLY being blogged about!

We had our girl's ski day first this year and kicked off the morning with Crepes a la Cart in Breck...mmmmmthen we hit the slopes (Sparrow, Catherine, me, Brittni, Bri and Crystal) it was Catherine's first day in years and she did GREAT!!

me, Brittni, and Crystal

we had a GORGEOUS day!

then we had the apres ski celebration with some yummy margs

a pic of us in our bright vests


back on the homefront the guys were brave and ventured out to lunch at the brewery with ALL of the kiddos!

then it was the guy's ski day...they hit a little bit harder terrain than us :) and while they skied we shopped...gotta love the outlets!

Cohen and Isaac trying on the ski gear...soon boys...soon

we had a fancy waffle breakfast day, Cohen likes to dip his

he REALLY got into it and then our friend Ben decided to help out by asking Cohen where his hair was, needless to say his hair was a little crunchy and Ben racked up a "when you have kids watch out" point for sure!

nutella on waffles AMAZING!!

AND whipped cream even better

the boys had some blocks and play dough time

here is Cohen "pretending" to eat play dough after possibly taking one real bite

we were able to celebrate Isaac's 2nd birthday, he was turning "2 candles" if you asked him!

he LOVES baseball so Bri made a baseball cake and a cupcake for each of the boys

which they each enjoyed!

Isaac the most! (this face is AMAZING!)

all of the kiddos (minus the baby babies) celebrating

Isaac got a rockies hat and shirt for his gift and wanted to wear both immediately

then we did silly tongue pics

and then played with the party blowersguess which plate was Isaac's?!

The gals had a fancy drink night, here is Sparrow with hers

and Crystal and Zoe (only 20 years and 5ish months to go Zoe)and Brittni and Grace (Grace you've got almost 21 whole years to wait still!)


and Bri who is not messing around!

our last morning there there it was snowing like crazywhich was great for the boys because it meant snow plows and tractors moving snow!

they watched for a LONG time!

then we tried to get a picture of all of the kiddos (Grace was sleeping)

a final attempt when Grace woke up

Cohen was super mellow

the moms and kiddos

my very serious little guy

Sam and his little mini me

family photo

Griffin had already taken off his matching sweatshirt but still fit right in in his red

now we get some smiles!

and hugs!

The WHOLE gang! (Troges, Cornells, Hollanders, Hellands, Orsborns, Fudges)

and the ride home...WHAT a weekend!