Saturday, August 27, 2011

Corn and Tractors

You know you grew up in a small town when a huge event in the town is the annual corn roast parade which consists of local businesses, political groups, and organizations create little floats for their group.
 In the past the parade used to have a lot of tractors in it so we took Cohen thinking he'd be able to see the tractors but there was actually just one in the whole parade this year!
 boy scouts hanging by some climbing ropes
 the local rotary club plugging their annual duck race
 everyone tosses out candy which Cohen still doesn't have much of a concept of but we snagged a popcicle for him and he loved it
 after a while he got a little more brave and started waving
 then we snagged another one
 Cohen just kept yelling socks...the horses are wearing socks

 fire truck...always a hit!

back at home daddy doctored up the cake that grandma and auntie lin made... 
 john deer would be proud
 dinner with auntie lin
 some more olives...yummy
 he sure loves auntie Lin
 Cohen watched Landon riding his bike...
 then decided to join him. 
 then it was time for happy birthday cake...ready...

 then he dives right in

 present time is so silly

 another new backpack!!  this one has cat in the hat on it and was cousin Landon's when he was little
 then we were off to take the family Christmas picture...complete with Cat...
AND a tractor!  Russell family Christmas...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend in the Land o Love

We went up to Loveland to celbrate Cohen's he is at the train station for the little train I used to ride as a kid.  It is in the park by my highschool and run by the Lyons club.
 it is VERY hard to wait
 his ticket 
 going through the tunnel...a little scary so he hopped on grandpa's lap
 still not quite sure about the tunnel

grandpa then took him for round 2
this time in the caboose

where you can stand in the back and turn the wheel and wave because you are SO excited

still waving
when they were done Cohen got to sit up front and ring the bell
then it was time to play at the park

and get grandma to go down the slide

these giant seat swings are awesome!
Cohen helped grandpa with dinner but ate the olives as fast as grandpa could put them out

grandpa would turn around and they'd all be gone
then he moved onto cucumbers...he is definitely my child!!  this is one of my all time favorite snacks...and always has been
then bath time after such a busy day...such a cute little butt...haaaa!  he'll appreciate some day that this is on the blog.