Sunday, April 29, 2012


Cohen thought the planting was a lot of fun and helped with a bunch of pots

Soccer Time

We played a little soccer at home in the morning...

then went to watch Sam play later in the afternoon
 Cohen and Griffin had fun cheering for their dads

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cleaning Day

Cohen helped us scrub down the outside furniture to get ready for summer.

Crazy Crazy hair day

Not much else to say!

Friday, April 27, 2012


Cohen's teacher Miss Alison is from England so they often talk about soccer...
 so when she was putting up one of the other girl's hair in a ponytail Cohen decided he wanted one too
 she told him he looks like a soccer player
and he thought that was AMAZING! So we got many many days of ponytails coming home, Miss Alison was worried at first that we wouldn't like it, but once she knew we didn't care he had them every day. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bike riding, fish watching and some planting

I missed a few early April happenings because the pictures were only on my phone so here is a quick view of the things I missed.
 Cohen uses our front walk way as a race track now on his balance bike.
 He loves for you to clap for him when he is done, and will wait if you do not clap then start clapping himself.

getting ready for a big boy bike
 we also discovered the large amount of coy in the pond by our house
 Cohen had fun feeding them with grandma
 then doing a little more riding
 and checking out the prarie dogs
 and even talking to the prarie dogs
Then on the way home you must check out the fish again...if you look closely you can see the one HUGE white fish.
 before we left on our trip Sam and Cohen did a little planting
sprinkling the seeds in the pot, like seasoning in pasta

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

and the rest of France...

In order to actually get moving on the blog I decided to wrap the rest of our France trip up into one big blog so here goes...

 a vineyard beyond the ship

 I have never seen tomatoes like this!
 HUGE strawberries

 another vineyard

 and another winetasting, tough but someone has to do it!

we had a beautiful rainbow as we sailed away at dinner our last night on the ship

 a fun band playing outside of the farmer's market
 finally on our own for food we went straight for crepes

 then off to see the eiffel tower which is always amazing to see...
 no matter how many times you have seen it

 final day in Paris we visited a few museums, including our favorite the D'Orsay
here we are inside the clock towers you can see on the building picture above

What a great trip! Too long to be away from Cohen, we sure missed him, but he had a GREAT time with grandma and grandpa. Pretty sure they slept for a solid week after we returned.