Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treating

This is it folks...officially the LAST pictures of October. Where has the time gone?! Look for November by the end of this week (hopefully!)
the boys heading out for some trick or treating
Bri ended up with a stroller full
the very first house, they weren't quite sure what to expect...
but quickly learned it is pretty amazing that you walk up and talk to people and they give you stuff!
candy is still somewhat lost on Cohen but he did enjoy some twizzlers
they then started racing from house to house
Cohen really got into it

one more year and we'll do it all again!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party

We hosted the 3rd annual Troge Halloween Party
and our little Cat was not so happy about pictures!
as with any holiday or gathering we love to line the kiddos up for some photos here is: Griffin, Grace, Lincoln, Isaac, Eli and Cohen
so serious
but still SO cute!
and finally a bit of a smirk
the family photo
Cat has lost his HAT?!!! oh no
Super Bri and baby Eli (baby shark...doo shark...doo doo... this will make sense to any of you that worked at a summer camp growing up!)
there is a bumblebee IN the toy box!
little Chesebro pumpkin on the way
The Fudges
the kids had fun hanging out in the basement

a somewhat disturbing Sue Sylvester

this little bumblebee will BEE about the size of Grace next year at this time!
time for some Halloween cupcakes

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meri's Party

Meri, Cohen's old nanny, hosted a Halloween party and invited us. I can tell you that Meri hands down has more Halloween decorations than we have for Halloween and Christmas combined! They go all out...
Cohen and Meri doing a little dancing
Meri's Halloween train was a HUGE hit with Cohen
he would have stayed there all night long
but he also loves to dance
here are a few pics of the 3 of us getting ready for the party
that is one cute Cat in the Hat!
I love this video of the two of them dancing, he sure loves his Meri!

Pumpkin Carving

Grandma and grandpa grew a few pumpkins for Cohen and then he got to carve them with them which was GREAT

he wasn't too sure about the slimy insides but the actual carving with the little carving tool was really fun

Boo at the ZOO

grandma and grandpa were here for our second year at Boo at the Zoo
we met up with Isaac dressed as a construction worker
ready to collect some treats
grandma helping the boys rake in the candy
through the spooky tree (which saying that reminds me of the bearenstain bears spooky old tree book we loved as kids...we even had the tape that played the book as we ready it with the creaky windy noises)
then of course a zoo trip is not complete without a ride on the train
Cohen beelines for the front seat
then a little ride on the carousel
and another ride with Griffin who arrived just in time
we saw the seal show with grandma and grandpa

my shy guy did not want his picture taken