Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

Well we had quite the Easter Sunday...packed full of activities!

We started out with the sunrise service at Red Rocks...these were my first 3 layers I laid out the night before since it would be such an early morning.
Here we are...ALL bundled up!
Sam's folks are here for the week to do some cross country skiing, so we got to spend Easter with them.

Sam enjoying some hot cross buns we brought along...the ONLY hot thing of the morning!
This is even a little lighter than it was when we first arrived. Seats were all covered by snow and I think it was about 14 degrees.
Then right before sunrise it dropped down to about 12 degrees...brrr!

Sunrise...if only it heated up faster! The service was really cool, something fun to do once...not sure I'd go again unless it was at the end of April...not the earliest possible Easter!
You can see the doves they let go flying off into the sun...their destination was up for debate!
please sun...warm us up!
We then had Easter brunch at our place. (Mom, Dad, Lindsey) Lin was super sick, but made it over for a bit.
Sam, Scott (and his new hairdo) and Kate
Dad and Mom Troge and me
then some Bocce to enjoy the nice weather
And some egg dying, Scott's egg says "Sam wasn't here"
Mom, Arlyss and I finished off the rest

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Before and After...

Sam and I have both gone through two big before and afters...

When the Air Force told Sam his eyeballs were broken he figured he needed glasses, so he replaced the lenses in his dad's old glasses and wore them for the rest of the time at the Academy, but they were not real glasses...

He then tried to go for the crazy shades, but they were not real glasses...

Then this year while at a conference for work he borrowed a co-workers glasses and realized the time had come...he needed REAL glasses!!!


from long and dark...

to long and dark with bangs...

to long with bangs and highlights... to SHORT!!

The always changing hair...why not?!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wallick Wedding Weekend!!!

I will give a warning now that this blog post is LONG, but there were so many pics/stories to choose from it was hard to narrow down!!
This past weekend a friend of ours from Boston got married,these are the weekend activities...
Boston BBQ/Washers-
The guys got in some washers while firing up the bbq. Our friend Dan came over as well since he knows most of the Boston crew.
Paul (who flew in from Scotland) and Ashley
Rachel, Jill, me (cheering on the washers until we were too cold)
Dance Practice-
Word was that the reception was going to be all swing dancing...which none of us can do...so we decided to create our own dance (I will tell you now the dance sadly never made it to the floor at the wedding)
but alas...the practice goes on!
Jill and I are also practicing in case New Kids on the Block "Right Stuff" somehow gets fired up at the reception.

Sox Ticket Purchase- Rachel is somehow the luckiest person when it comes to the Red Sox lottery...she had to jump online to buy tix for her next set she got in on. Her and Jill are just chillin' in my office.

Rehersal Dinner-

Dan's parents sang a song to kick off the night

Then our Boston Boys gave some toasts- this is Sam Montgomery (the one who introduced Sam and I)

And Dan Card... And finally Kevin...who was working on his toast at Old Chicago with us during lunch, however I didn't hear many of our suggestions in the actual toast??!!

Bachelor Party Night Out-
Prior to heading out the guys handed over a little gift to Dan...
we spend a LOT of time hanging out in our hotel rooms
Ashley, Sam, Paully getting ready for the night out!
And then the boys return from their night out and decide it is a good time to try on their tuxes for the wedding. Yes folks...they are CREAM colored tuxes!! So they call us (across the hall) to come check them out. Sam's pants are TIGHT while Kevin has a good extra foot of material at the bottom of his, Paul's actually fit quite well and then you look at the jacket...
Paul's jacket/vest were so large that Rachel could fit in them WITH him! I guess that is what you get for doing your own measurements in your flat with your teeth and a measuring tape!
We think this may be Paul's first album cover
Sam LOVES his tux...don't let him fool you! Meanwhile the gals had just rolled out of bed!

The Wedding-
The day didn't start off so well for many of us...
1. Paul gets a bloody nose in the cream colored tux!

2. The gals have the, get ready as fast as you can because we were decorating tables at the reception up until 45 minutes before the wedding, issue.

3. And Kevin popped not one but TWO buttons off of his coat that broke so they could not be re-attached thus that would be a safety pin holding his tux closed as he walked down the isle!
But the wedding went well and Dan and Danita are now officially husband and wife!

Off to the reception-
Ashley taking care of my "duty" of bringing the whhhhhhhheat to the reception. (Not sure we'll ever get all of the wheat out of our car!)
The entire Boston crew:
bottom row: Sam, Laurie, Paul (with Sam's glasses), Ashley, Rachel, Brooks, Kristi
top row: Jill, Sarah, Sam, Kevin, Dan, Andy, and Bryan

groom cake...why not?!
me and Jill
as many of you know Sam can NEVER make a normal face!
our centerpieces...
another Boston pic
my two favorite peeps hitting the dance floor

Sam...loving his tux some more!

Heading Out-

The guys obviously hit the car during the reception
The view was awesome!
look at Kevin's hair blowing in the wind!
One last goodbye from Sam...the rest cannot be shown on the blog!

Garden of the Gods-
We are pretty sure we are the first to ever take this photo!

"Rock Star" photo!
and Jill...why not?!

We had a BLAST all hanging out together again. The night of the wedding our friends Brooks and Andy had us all over for some food, drinks, and games so it was a good end to a weekend together!

On our way home we stopped in Boulder for a bit before having to take Paully to the airport.