Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Off to North Carolina

I had to go to North Carolina for work.
There were some really cool clouds out my window flying there.
I will just let you guess which one was my rental (hint you CAN'T miss it!!)
The Inn I stayed at had a bluegrass/dinner night one of the nights
it was a gorgeous night out
I went for a walk and stopped on a bench to read...the guys across from me both fell asleep which made me laugh.
I spent some time walking around the campus which was GORGEOUS!
and had some pretty amazing clouds on the way home too

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well here is the post those of you far away have been waiting for...Cohen's first steps. His Meri was gone for a week and her friend Jessica filled in. She didn't let Cohen crawl all week, and by the end of the week he was taking some steps on his own. Grandma and grandpa lucked out because they got to see it right away since we were going to Loveland to scrapbook.

Here he is!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Scrapbook Weekend

We went up to Loveland for a scrapbook weekend and Cohen also had quite the weekend!
grandpa and grandma bought him a little swimming pool
that was so much fun to splash in!
and dump water on your head!
Sam and Landon created this elaborate baseball game on the bike path...then Landon tells Sam not to back up because there is a big deer behind him...they turn around and this is what they saw
some BIG elk!
Sam showing Cohen the elk
Cohen with Auntie Kate
B checking out the fish in the pond
Cohen learned to point and is pointing out the baby birds in the bird house
We put on Auntie Kate's headband...
ready for a work out!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zoo time with mommy!

We love to use our zoo pass. Cohen and I went for a fun afternoon on a REALLY hot day.
We go to visit the polar bear (who we call Lars) every time we go.

here is what we saw under the water...

and above the water
and the view from the top. Lars was just trying to cool off!
the zoo keepers were trying to help the elephants cool off too (see the video below also)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playing with friends

I know I am so behind on my blog and many of you are waiting to see walking and first birthday pics...I will post a bunch in the next few days hoping to get caught up...which means LOTS of blogs to look at!

it is always very silly when friends come to your house to play...you have to show them how to use your toys (even if they are older)

you all kind of do your own thing, but sometimes play together

and then your moms and dads try to get pictures of the 3 of you...try being the key word
but then there is that rare instance that one dad is able to snap a quick photo on his cell phone where ALL of you are looking in the same direction which is actually at the camera!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Opening Cabinets...oh boy!

And the day of freely being able to open cabinets will come to an end...Cohen learned he could open cabinets which should be so much fun for mom and dad as well!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nectarines are YUMMY!!!

Cohen REALLY enjoys fruit but nectarines are the most fun to eat!
chunky little hands covered in nectarine
so nice of him to share
BIG mouthful
the carnage

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Garage Sales and Friends

Well those of you that have been blog followers for a while will remember how great last year's Stapleton Garage Sale was...as you can see below this year was just as GREAT!!
It is so amazing what you can get for kids that is barely used for such great prices! Here are Bri and Brooke showing off our stash.
Cohen has no idea what is new and old...nor will he for years so bring on the garage sales!
and this year my mom joined us (she collected some grandma goods for up at their place...Cohen is SET!!)
While at the garage sale the guys got together so when we got home we were handed the kiddos so the guys could play washers. Bri and I played with the 3 boys in the basement and once again attempted to get a photo of the 3 of them...always next to impossible!
g-man...move your cup!
Cohen...what is that face?!
our best shot!
or maybe this one
and here is Cohen in what Sam likes to call his birdwatching shirt
or Boca wear