Thursday, February 25, 2010

Orange Foods

Cohen got the ok from his doc at his 6th month visit to start some other foods...first up orange foods (carrots, squash & sweet potato)
based on the face we started with we were not sure it would go so well...
then a little mouth that would barely open...
a VERY skeptical face with the first bite...
and then lovin' the orange veggies
covered in them

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My 1st Red Sox Tee

Cohen is getting ready for spring and BASEBALL!!

Cohen LOVES to watch Sam's mouth while he talks and then grabs on to funny!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bottle on my own...

Cohen decided he wanted to hold on to his own bottle

then it should be stuffed in your mouth
I can do this!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend in Loveland

Sam had to go to Tokyo for work so Cohen and I dropped him off at the airport and went to Loveland to spend the weekend with grandma and grandpa
fun with grandpa...
and a little friend!
Cohen thought Dooley was sooo funny.
Dooley wanted to be right by Cohen whatever he was they read together.
Then they read with uncle Scott.
upside down...
Grandma bought Cohen a new book and he LOVED it!

Thanks grandma!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6 months

Cohen is 6 months old now!

At his checkup he weighed 14lbs 12oz and was 25 1/4 inches long so he's come quite a way from birth. He is in the 9th percentile for height and 10th for weight but he looks chubby and seems big to us and we're not expecting the two of us to have any child that tips the scales! :)
Here is Cohen with Mr. Frog the day we brough him home
and here he is 6 months later!

It is getting harder and harder to snap pics of Cohen with Mr. Frog because they all start out like this
and this, but quickly turn into...
this or...
this, followed by...
this and...
this, but always ending up with...

Monday, February 15, 2010


Well folks...sorry for the delay, but I am back in action and catching up.
President's Day weekend we rented a house with a bunch of friends in Steamboat.

Sam and his sweet morning do...

however outdone by Fudge and his amazing do!

me and Sparrow

Jesse and the G-man...the kiddos LOVE Jesse!

us and little chubs...those thighs are amazing!

we played lots of games, starting with Scrabble

some indoor cornhole
and the wee ones getting early lessons on the sport
and some dominoes. When we weren't playing games we watched the Olympics or just hung out around the condo.

Griffin's new favorite game is to cheers...

and then make you drink. Pretty sure with the early lessons in corn hole and this new found fun he is well on his way to fraternity life!

works with wine as well, luckily for Helen he didn't help tip that one back!

we made big group dinners each night

Speights with his green beans

the Hollanders who told us they are PREGNANT!!

so we found baby Hollander a onesie to mark the weekend we found out!

Isaac makes some of the best faces...

but crinkle nose will always be my favorite!

"hey everyone look at dad's fancy pants!"

the girls (and Cohen)

some of the guys

the Cornells

not long and Cohen won't be watching from the jumperoo!

the Hellands

the Fudges


we watched the boys one day while the guys went skiing so we took them out for a few walks...

Steamboat has a very cute main street with a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (my favorite for carmel apples!)


it was the girl's turn to hit the slopes and I must say we got an AMAZING day!!

fun shadow pic of me and Bri

me in the trees...they were SO pretty!

me closer up...right before Bri was almost taken out by a snowboarder while trying to take this pic

group picture attempt #1

group picture attempt #2

group picture attempt #3

finally a group pic where we are all looking...guess we just needed some Rio margs first!

our ski day just happened to be Valentine's Day...when we got back to the condo the guys sent us out to the hot tub where they...

served us champagne and fancy plates of chocolate covered strawberries and nuts and cookies. SOOOO nice! It was such a great day!


we bought the boys matching Steamboat shirts...but it is getting harder and harder to get pics of the 3 of them!


Being away didn't keep us from watching the Bachelor...we grabbed some great snacks and some wine and prepared for a night of tv DRAMA! :) We sucked Sparrow in as well and now have a new convert!

We had such a great trip...can't wait for next year!