Tuesday, June 30, 2009

34 Weeks

34 down...6 to go...unless he is listening to my suggestions about coming early!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


I headed to Texas for my last work trip pre-baby and am still amazed at how ANYONE can live there...it is SO hot!! Lindsey was able to drive to meet me and stay for the weekend with us so that was a lot of fun.

The place we stayed was a really nice new convention center...very proud of Texas.

They had fun train sets/displays set up all over.

Even a replica of the Alamo.

This is where we ended up eating both nights, we had great ribs the first night and the second night....

pretty much anything on the menu that was fried...which is just about everything!

Linny and me...we had fun at the outlet malls, in the pool, eating some good food (and ice cream!) and just hanging out. Lin was a CHAMP in helping Ellie and I get all of our stuff ready to hand out as well. She folded about 300 shirts for us and fastened about 200 twisty ties! She headed out early the morning of the actual convention to avoid the heat since she has no AC in her car!

So Ellie and I headed to the convention hall to set up...I am bummed this pic didn't come out because it is hands down the ugliest blob of balloons I have ever seen. They for sure did not get the colors right and then threw in a few random ones here and there. They made an amazing balloon arch and then this! Blah!!
Here is our booth...and you can see all of the bags we stuffed lined up along the wall. Once they started coming in we were slammed right up until we had to leave. It was the fastest packing job ever so that we could make it to our flights!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Ultrasounds of our little guy

We went back to my uncle's work for another shot at the 3d ultrasound since last time we were at 19 weeks and he decided he would keep the back of his head to us the whole time. It took some work and one loud Ace of Base song to get him to turn this time but we finally got a few shots of his face!

We think it looks like he is wearing sunglasses in this one! You will also notice that he has been blessed with our large forheads! :)

I love this one of his little foot! With him being so big now you can just get parts of him in each shot.
And another face shot...this one isn't as clear. He kept putting his hand or his foot in the way so we grabbed as many as we could minus the hand/foot.
We are SOOOO excited to see him in real life!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

33 Weeks!

Wow this belly is growing!
I will be going on my last trip pre-baby to Texas over the weekend, I have NO shoes that are really fitting me right now (thanks to some swollen feet!), and it is supposed to be 102 with 70% humidity there...blah...TEXAS!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Mom and I ran to Michaels on Father's Day morning to get the rest of the supplies needed to finish up the baby announcements we were working on and returned home to....
a shirtless...but aproned dad...making us all breakfast. Sure was nice of him to make everyone breakfast on father's day. :)
We gave dad tickets to the John Denver tribute show at Red Rocks.
Mom and Dad gave Sam Ratatouille for his father to be present. He LOVES this movie!
Baby T and I gave Sam/daddy some gifts to prepare him for the arrival. He got Hop on Pop to read to the baby, a new calculator watch to countdown to his arrival, a Wilco dvd to prepare for his first concert with the baby (July 3rd at Red Rocks), a baby art book, and some other books to keep him occupied and laughing until his arrival.
Father's Day photo...minus Lin who is now in Texas.
And the Lees family on Father's Day (my uncle Jim, aunt Tammy and cousin Landon)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Denver Baby Shower

My friends in Denver threw a baby shower for me a couple of weeks ago...I am cheating and backdating my blog posts so later on when I finally get to my scrapbook I'll be able to remember the right dates. :)
Brooke, the hostess, and her little man Hudson
Clare...and Hudson...he's a ladie's man!

Bri, Crystal, Helen, Sparrow, Clare, me and baby T
Sparrow made this cute cake (they all know I love angel food cake!)
and Bri made this cute cake! I had no idea how much work these are until I started taking it apart the other day and realized every diaper has to have a rubberband around it!
and as if the diaper cake was not enough, Bri cranked out these little bird's nest cupcakes as well!
We REALLY lucked out that the weather held out for us because Brooke has such a cute backyard setup.
time to open some gifts...
Oh the places you'll go is the theme of our baby room...more along the travel lines with some Seuss stuff here and there. I will post pics of the baby room soon...just finishing it all up.
never too early for some Sox gear!
I don't think Sam will have a problem carrying this diaper bag?! :)
The whole crew...thanks to whoever thought to take this picture I am so happy to have it! It is so fun to have my oldest friends together with my newest friends!
And the two that have known me the longest...mom and my sister Kate.
Thanks to all of you gals for such a GREAT shower!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Goodbye Orsborns!!

Our "supper club" had to say goodbye to another couple last night. The Orsborns are off for a new adventure and will be greatly missed by our group.
Best of luck Ben and Catherine!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

32 weeks...2 months left!

32 weeks marks the beginning of bi-weekly doctor appointments, the two month countdown, and the frantic final push to get everything ready for his arrival!

Monday, June 15, 2009

SIX years!!! Time flies...

We celebrated our 6 year anniversary on June 14th. It is crazy to think it has already been six years, but when we think back of everywhere we've lived, and all we've done it seems crazy it has only been six years!
This year we just had a very low key day which was GREAT! I had just gotten back from California on the 13th so we slept in, walked to the farmer's market, Sam had to work for a while...blah, and then we made a great dinner together.
We know this next year will be our biggest year of change yet, but we are both so excited to welcome the little guy!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Redondo Pier...WOW!!!

My last night out in LA Jen, Travis and I went down to the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach. We sat outside and watched the sun go down over the marina which was gorgeous. Jen and I shared the appetizer sampler which was HUGE...but yummy. We then decided to class up the night a bit and head to the Redondo Beach Pier. (For those of you reading this blog that don't live in California or have not been to this pier...you may be missing the humor to that statement...but I have a few examples to prove my point)

we will call this example A- your common claw machine where you can try to win the stuffed animal prizes inside...the bear in front being the main goal of anyone trying out this machine I am sure!
in case you couldn't get a good look at the bear...here it is up close
the next set of examples (above included) come in the form of some of the amazing prizes you can win with tokens or tickets
I thought these red flower lamps were pretty amazing UNTIL...
I saw these!! They come complete with a fairy and beautiful base!
We are pretty sure this guy would take about 5 years to earn, but would be well worth the wait!
Example C comes in the form of rides...well I should say ride as it is the only one. Travis convinced Jen to go on the Tilt-a-Whirl, I sadly am pregnant and could not participate because I would have for sure been on the ride if not! (NOOOO way!!)
Jen, as you can see, really enjoying the ride!
YUCK!!! Do keep in mind we had JUST come from the Cheesecake Factory which is known for its very small portions!
Jen with her brave face...Travis showing how they truly felt.
But alas...time to win some tokens/tickets for those amazing prizes awaiting us! Skiball is always my go to...that and the basketball game which I found I was not so good at pregnant since the belly throws me off!!
It sure is a good thing we played because we were able to walk away with THESE!!!
Pretty sure that's MC Hammer on the front! Don't worry...I came home with one extra and one lucky friend/family member will be getting one for some special day!