Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Supper Club White Elephant...Dirty Santa...take your pick!

Our supper club had a Christmas Party where we decided to do a White Elephan exchange or as Helen calls it "dirty Santa" It was hilarious what people had in their homes or found to bring!
Ben with the Kenny G Christmas...yes Fudges DID OWN THIS!!
Josh and Denveropoly circa 1982
Sam excited about the new ski boots...
Sam modeling the new ski boots...purple, red AND yellow...AMAZING (thanks Fishers!)
Alison with the salad bowl...that became mine for good!
Ohhhhhhhhh Fudge!
Catherine with the green gift!
My book...for a few minutes until Helen took it...some AMAZING pics in there!
Jack waving his new flag
Hollanders with their Britta...not a bad gift I must say!
Josh with his new favorite shirt
And Joel who will be learning all about poo to tell the rest of us!

Snowy Skiing

We were up in the mountains the weekend of the big snow storm (7-9th) and benefitted from the new snow while skiing! With the still early conditions there were quite a few "bumps" so I got a lesson in skiing them!
Sam and Josh
Helen and me
Our new car after the day up skiing...it snowed that much!
I also suffered the first ski injury of the season with a massive faceplant which resulted in a swollen lip and nose, a huge headache and a sore neck all week...just happy it wasn't worse!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Partaaaaaaayyyyy!

We decided to kick off the Christmas month with a Christmas party based on two great Christmas movies: Elf and the BEST one ever National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We played the movies in the kitchen projected on the wall.
Every year my family watches Christmas Vaction on Christmas Eve...so we really got into the dressing up. Sam (as Clark in bed with the sap all over his hands) Me (as Mary the underwear sales lady) my dad (as Eddie...notice the green dickie) Scott (Clark cutting down the tree in the garage) Lindsey (Audrey holding the cat food jello) Kate (Margo getting attacked by the squirrel) my mom (Ellen taking up smoking again)

Bri sporting the sweet sweater vest and Christmas turtleneck!
Margo and Eddie...a.k.a Helen and Josh
Eddie: shitter's full

My sisters...notice the candy, candy canes, candy corn...and syrup!
Buddy: We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.
The fried cat
Jack and Megan from the pool scene
Where do you even get a sweater like that?! (Joel and Alison)
Clark: 'Tis the season to be merry. Mary: That's my name. Clark: No shit.

The REAL turkey day...

For the actual Thanksgiving we headed up to our condo in the mountains with some friends.
Sam trying out the new helmet
Sam and Josh The view out our condo window
Our condo
The drive down Thanksgiving morning
There were really cool low clouds all along the way
Getting some morning skiing in before we start eating!
Me, Sam, Helen, Josh
stuffing prep...we have now been eating it for weeks!
Josh smoked a turkey it was delicious...to toot his horn! :)

We had a lot of fun skiing, relaxing, eating, playing games, and watching movies.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Supper Club Thanksgiving Dinner

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with our "supper club"
I believe this picture captures the night as Sam ate WAY too much food and fell asleep then felt sick for hours afterward...something new for him!
Josh, Ben, and Josh
Brittni and Bri
Crystal and Megan
Helen and Josh
and yes...the SWEET pic of Catherine and me...not sure what happened!

Nuggets Game

We hurried home from skiing to take Kala to a Nuggets game. It was fun because she is a HUGE Nuggets fan so she was cheering the whole night!
Ashley and Kala

Kala and Me
Nuggets KILLED the Knicks

Let the Skiing Begin!

Our first ski day at Breckenridge! Since it is early season they didn't have much open, but it was fun to get some runs in and get back into it!
We ended up meeting up with our friend Dan and his friend Dawn a little into the day which made for a fun day out.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Birthday Celebration Weekend!

We celebrated Sam's 29th birthday this past weekend up at our ski condo. We rented a place with a bunch of friends for the season and decided to go up and check it out. Other than not being able to make the dinner I had planned for him since the stove wasn't working (minor detail) it was fun.

Then...we came down from the mountains to celebrate Brooke's 30th birthday. We went out for a fun dinner and a little bowling.
Brooke with her cake that Jim (her hubby) made for her.

Me and the birthday girl
Brooke and Brea (who staged a MAJOR comeback in bowling round 2!!)
Brooke and JimSam and Jim...these two just crack each other up every time they are together