Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chamber Peep Show

This year my office had a fun contest with peeps we called the Chamber peep show. This blog is the full progression of the one that my friend Holli and I made.
 Our head of Economic Development is Tom Clark, and he loves to sing/play the guitar and is also a rockstar in the community for his development, so we decided we could do something fun with him.
 We started with a little research in his office...

 then hit the stores for supplies
 clearly these will make a great disco ball!

 Holli raided her daughter's doll house furniture, and we had Tom by day...
 and Tom by night...
 Cohen was around while we were making it and decided he wanted to make one too, so he and I created this space one.
 our finished product
 and some of the staff's peep shows as well

 a couple of our membership folks went another direction
Tom with our final version

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